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Would it be better to shave off the pubic hair?

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There have always been rumors that shaving pubic hair will affect your health, but in the hot and humid summer, when you need to wear a bikini, shaving pubic hair is inevitable! Does shaving pubic hair have any effect on health?



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How many pubic hairs does an adult have?

According to the Internet, every adult has about 3,000 pubic hairs.

In fact, there is no basis for this statement. There are no special statistics on the number of pubic hair in adults. The number of pubic hair in each person is determined by their innate physique. Female pubic hair grows in an inverted triangle shape. Like hair, it also falls off. It is replaced every six months on average, and about 10-20 roots are dropped every day, especially around the menstrual period, as the hormone levels change significantly. But it will continue to grow after the menstrual period.



Is the pubic hair straight?

In fact, most of the pubic hair is curly, accounting for about 85%, and the rest is straight.

Why? This is because curly pubic hair acts like a soft spring, which can reduce impact. Moreover, curly pubic hair is shorter than straight hair, which can avoid being brought into the vagina during sex.



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Would it be better to shave off the pubic hair?

From a scientific point of view, if the pubic hair is too thick, it may cause vaginal itching, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Shaving pubic hair can indeed make the genitals look fresher and more hygienic. It will reduce the chance of female lower genital tract infections to a certain extent, such as fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, vulvitis, etc. Therefore, under normal circumstances, pubic hair can be trimmed. It is usually possible to perform proper trimming after the shower.


1. Shaving with a epilator

Although some people say that shaving with a women's epilator shaver will make pubic hair grow faster, thicker, and darker in color, but this is not the case. This is just an illusion after you shave. The only disadvantage of shaving pubic hair is that the pubic hair removal epilator will make the cuts of the shaved hair sharper. They will easily get into your clothes and feel hard and rough.


2. Electric tweezers for pubic hair

Electric tweezers epilators can also remove pubic hair, but it is easy to cause skin swelling and even bleeding. Moreover, not everyone can bear the pain during hair removal treatment.


3. Laser hair removal

An expensive hair laser treatment can help you get rid of annoying hairs and inhibit hair growth. However, after laser hair removal, the skin of the corresponding part may become red or discolored, and some people with darker skin are not suitable for laser hair removal. This method is especially effective for people with light skin and dark hair. However, if the pores grow deeper, the effect of permanent hair removal treatment may not be ideal.


Whenever we put on a bikini, pubic hair is a problem we need to face. Now we can not only choose to go to the beauty hospital for professional laser hair removal, but we can also use home laser hair removal, which greatly facilitates people's lives.


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