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How Does Hair Removal Become An Aesthetic Standard?

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In the stone age, hair removal was a safety precaution. Humans with less body hair are more difficult to catch by the enemy. Nowadays, hair removal has gradually evolved into an aesthetic standard. What happened in the process? The following will tell you the answer.


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Safety Precautions in The Stone Age

In the stone age, people usually removed their body hair in order to avoid being caught by beasts when hunting. In cold weather, hair removal can make the skin smoother and make it difficult for water to adhere to human skin, so as to avoid frostbite. At that time, humans had no hair removal device, rechargeable epilator and other tools. They could only use stones or animal teeth as hair removal tools. They sharpen stones or teeth and then use them to shave off body hair.



Hygienic Purposes In Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, people thought that body hair was a symbol of uncivilization. People at the time thought the body hair was dirty and unsanitary, so many women chose to remove their hair. They will even cut off their whole body hair, including their hair, to indicate the class of society. In those days, men also shed their body hair, who generally shaved their face whiskers, because only servants and slaves kept their beards. Due to the backward technology, people at that time did not have advanced equipment such as electribrite epilator for women and face hair removal machine. They could only use a knife to remove their hair, which led to their inability to completely remove their body hair.



Facial Hair Removal In Elizabethan Times

Entering the Middle Ages, Elizabeth I pioneered the concept of facial hair removal in Western culture, calling on women to remove facial hair, including her eyebrows and hair line. This makes a woman's forehead look bigger and has a longer face. But since women at the time had no suitable eyebrow removal machine, only some strange methods could be used. They soaked the bandage in a mixture of ammonia, walnut oil and vinegar, and then wrapped the bandage around their forehead to inhibit the growth of eyebrows. Now, people can use laser hair removal system to easily inhibit body hair growth.


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The First Woman's Razor

During World War II, women failed to wear stockings daily due to a nylon shortage, which meant they had to have their bare legs every day. This also prompted women to shave body hairs on their legs regularly. In 1915, Gillette introduced the first manual women's razor. The first electric women's razor in 1940 was invented. Nowadays, more advanced equipment such as laser hair remover and IPL hair remover have also entered people's life.


After the 1950s, a large number of hair removal advertisements came into people's vision, which led to more women wanting to improve their image through ice laser hair removal. During this period, places such as spa and waxing center will provide painless hair removal for people.


In the 21st century, with people's deeper understanding of body hair, hair removal is no longer related to aesthetic standards. After thousands of years of development, human beings have known how to deal with their body hair correctly. Nowadays, both men and women are free to choose whether to remove body hair or not.


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