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Will your skin turn black after using an epilator?

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The epilator is a type of electric shaver with multiple rotating tweezers. If you epilate the hair in the right way, it can remove hair from the surface of your skin. Rather than removing hair from the bottom of the roots, that is to say, if you use a hair removal device to remove hair, it will not cause the skin to darken, but there is no permanent hair removal effect, and it will not damage the hair follicles, which is produced by the hair removal device. The heat can only make the hair follicles dormant in a short time, and the body hair will grow out. For permanent hair removal, laser hair removal, freezing point full body laser hair removal, or photon hair removal may be your best choice except you can accept high laser hair removal cost. You ought to go to a regular skin laser clinic of hospital dermatology department and choose a suitable treatment plan under the guidance of a doctor. Treatment 3~5 times can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.


74-1-IPL hair removal

Generally speaking, an epilator hair removal is used by one person. If you share it with others, it may cause infection. The method of using the rechargeable facial epilator is also very simple. Usually, you only need to turn on the switch, hold the ladies facial epilator with both hands, and bend the brow and facial epilator with the backhands at both ends, and then rotate it against the skin to remove the hair. You may not get used to it at the beginning of using the hair removal, but it will be particularly comfortable in the second half. After the hair removal, you will find that the hair is removed. The area will be very smooth, but it will grow back over some time, the density will decrease, and the growth rate will slow down.


74-3- rechargeable facial epilator

You ought to pay more attention to do not make-up on the second day after using facial hair removal because it will irritate your skin. Some people usually experience redness in the treatment area 3 days after facial hair removal. If you put on makeup at this time, it will affect the skin's self-repair. Because the skin will be more fragile after using the hair removal device, especially the kind of alcohol-based cosmetics, it will be irritated the skin. And just after using the hair removal epilator device, the skin is still being treated. At this time, makeup will affect the hair removal effect, which will not only increase the irritation to the facial skin but also the effect of hair removal will be greatly reduced. Our suggestion is to take care of your hair after laser hair removal and avoid bathing and swimming within the first day after hair removal to prevent inflammation.


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