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Why should shave before IPL?

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Why do we recommend that you ought to shave before IPL, because when many people use laser hair removal at home, they cut your hair super close to your skin by shaving? This way, there are no hairs on the surface to absorb the pulses or flashes of light energy. In this way, the laser directly turns into heat and damages the major areas of the hair follicles, which can directly hinder hair growth and put it in a dormant state. Because of this, you can feel the smoothness of your skin every day.


If you don't shave before IPL, you will find that when you are intense pulsed light at home, you will feel a tingling sensation, because, during IPL, you can feel it burning your skin. There is even a smell of burning your hair, and it will be some big black spots welded to the flash window, which affect your process of IPL facial hair removal.


72-1-IPL hair removal

How should you shave before IPL? If you are shaving with a razor blade, you first need to wash your skin with a facial cleanser. Then hold the blade and gently shave your beard at 45 degrees to your skin, then gently stroke the hair you removed, and then simply Wipe it, you will usually find residual hair on your upper lip, chin, temples, and cheeks. When you finish IPL, you will know that the degree of pain varies from person to person. Friends who are afraid of pain can start using the lowest level, and then adjust the high level when the skin is tolerated. However, the painful process will be disappeared fast. Most instruments have a freezing point function to make them more comfortable. The higher the gear, the higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect.


To ensure that all visible hairs are treated, home use laser hair removal should be used regularly for 4 to 12 weeks for one person. After 12 weeks of use, the hair should start to become thinner, grow more slowly, or not grow at all.


72-2-IPL hair removal

But portable IPL hair removal are not suitable for everyone, because they can only identify and target hair pigments that contrast with the skin. Natural light blonde, red, white, and gray hair contains almost no pigment, so laser IPL at home is usually not effective for people with these hair colors, regardless of their skin color. They are also not at home laser hair removal for dark skin. Generally, those with pale to medium skin and dark hair are the best candidates for silky smooth IPL. It is important to note that they are not suitable for pregnant women, women with specific skin or hair conditions, or women receiving special IPL laser home treatments. They are also not suitable for tattoos or permanent makeup, so be sure to ask customer service before buying. 

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