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Which beauty supplier is trustworthy?

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I believe everyone knows that no matter what product is on the market, as long as there is demand, the number of suppliers will gradually increase. So how do we need to identify which beauty tool suppliers are trustworthy?


89-1-RF photon beauty device

First, the suppliers of producing RF machine for face and body must be real and effective. In other words, beauty products must be safe. Need help when customers encounter problems. That shows that many suppliers of beauty tools need to innovate in service so that customers can buy with confidence.


Second, the packaging and quality of the product must be attractive. In terms of packaging, it must be easy to be noticed by users, and the quality must be good. Otherwise, it will be difficult to win the trust of users.


Third, the beauty instrument products must have national certification patents. Such as beauty star mini RF skin beauty device, 3d body slimming device and RF led light therapy. Because all manufacturers want their companies to grow bigger and bigger, when companies need to negotiate cooperation with other companies, if they keep their patents, they will be more confident to talk about cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.


Fourth, the product warranty period is also the reason why beauty tool manufacturers are trustworthy. Which beauty product will make buyers more trustworthy if a brand's product, one can be guaranteed for ten years or returned for free, but the other product is only guaranteed for half a year. This type of clause always makes customers more attractive. Because having an extended warranty means that the brand or the supplier is more powerful. That is good for both customers and suppliers.


89-2-RF photon beauty device

Fifth, if a supplier of beauty instrument tools spends a lot of time and energy, and money to innovate and apply, the customer will choose this supplier without hesitation. Such as portable RF for face, thermage devices for home use and RF led facial instrument. Because of the development and progress of the times at any time, in the end, only competent suppliers remain.


Sixth, personalized service is also an important factor considered by customers. You can imagine that every time a customer encounters a problem, they hops that someone can answer them after a phone call. Isn't this something that a high-quality beauty tool supplier should consider?


All of these features should be considered by beauty tool manufacturers. Such as anti aging skin tightening device, tripolar facial machine and mlay radio frequency face lifting. If a supplier can provide the above features, we believed that any customer feels very safe.


Here we introduce this supplier. MLAY is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research, development, production, sales and service. We attach importance to cooperation with universities and have professional laboratories to develop products. We are located in Shenzhen, China, a high-tech industrial park with top technology and talents. Our products meet the international safety standards of CE, PSE, FDA and ROHS, and have ISO13485 certificates.


"Developer of China's first generation of small hair removal device"
After Philips successfully miniaturized the hair removal device, we saw the future of beauty equipment in the home application, so we decided to deepen this field, and MLAY was established.

Shenzhen Mareal Technology Co.,Ltd is focused on home beauty equipment research and development, production, sales as one of the high science and technology enterprises. Since its establishment, adhering to the continuous innovation and global brand strategy as the guidance, in the service of more and more beautiful people.

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