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What benefits do you know about eye massager?

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Eye massager near me is undoubtedly an instrument for eye health care. In this era of excessive eye use, products such as eye massage and eye care are particularly important. Especially after the birth of eye massager, people pay more attention to it. Today, I would like to introduce the benefits of portable eye massager.



28-2-stress therapy electric eye massager

Advantages of eye massager:


1. Daily eye protection is easier to adhere to. The new visual rechargeable eye massager solves the disadvantages such as blindfolded inconvenience, busy work without time, and difficult operation of buttons. People can do massage while working and playing games, which is convenient and easy to stick to.


2. Hot compress eyes can penetrate deep and heat. The regular eye therapy massager adopts FDA standard, and uses the temperature (42 degrees) suitable for hot compress of both eyes to penetrate deep into the skin for heating, so as to activate the body cells, promote the secretion of lacrimal gland, and at the same time liquefy the outlet of eye gland, thus effectively moistening the eyes.


3. Multi-frequency vibration increases eye protection secretion. The combination of multiple vibrations drives the eye muscles to exercise, so that the eye muscles can get effective exercise and quickly recover abundant energy.


4. Ultra light weight, very convenient. Whether in the office or at home, or going out for an outing, it is convenient to use, light in weight and easy to carry.


5. Full coverage massage to promote microcirculation. The smart living eye massager has a plurality of intelligent massage acupoints and intelligent thermal sensors, so that you can really enjoy all-round massage and relaxation of your eyes.


6. Simple and easy to operate. USB power supply is plug and play, which is very convenient. Automatic fine-tuning acupoint massage 15 seconds after start-up the cooling eye massager, far infrared heating 1 minute later, complete spa for eyes for 10 minutes and automatic stop.



28-1-stress therapy electric eye massager

Eye protection tips:


1. Usually reading and writing posture should be correct, the distance between eyes and books should be about 30cm is preferred.


2. When watching TV, the height of the TV should be level with the line of sight, and the distance between the eyes and the screen should be more than 4 times the diagonal line of the screen. After watching TV for a long time, you can also use an anti wrinkle eye massager to relieve visual fatigue.


3. When operating a computer or game machine, the screen light should be suitable for you, and the distance between your eyes and the screen should be 50-70 cm.


4. When working or reading, you should rest for 5 minutes every 45 minutes or so, look out into the distance or use an air pressure eye massager to relax your eye muscles.


5. Massage eye acupoints 3-5 times a day to relieve eye muscle tension, promote blood circulation and eliminate eye fatigue.


6. Develop the habit of using eyes correctly, blink and breathe deeply, often take part in outdoor sports, and have regular eyesight test.


7. Use towels and washbasins by yourself, and disinfect or replace them regularly to avoid cross infection.


8. Maintain good living habits, ensure adequate sleep, and don not stay up late. After staying up late, wear a stress therapy electric eye massager to massage the eyes.


9. Avoid prolonged use of eyes, and avoid too strong, too weak or reflective light in the eye environment.


10. Pay attention to a balanced diet at ordinary times, match the thickness with the meat and vegetables, ensure the supplement of trace elements and vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood, and eat less sweets, and you can use best heated eye massager to relax.

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