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What are the precautions for hair removal?

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What skin preparations do you need to make epilator hair removal? In the first step, you need to clean your skin with warm water first, and then use mild soap to assist in cleaning, which can reduce bacterial infections. In the second step, your skin needs to be exfoliated. Because the accumulation of dead cells can cause clogging of hair follicles, we recommend using dry body brushes, natural loofah, sugar and olive oil paste, baking soda, and water paste twice a week for exfoliation. This will help remove dead cells without Cause infection. In the third step, when you take a shower, you need to use hot water to clean, which can soften your hair and open your pores for deeper cleansing. The fourth and final step is to clean your hair removal tools after you have cleaned your body. You need to rinse or wipe your epilator regardless of whether it is used or finished. Because there will be bacteria and residues in the face thread epilator. Hair may cause infection. To prevent your hands from cleaning the epilator and trimmer, we recommend that you wipe the full body epilator with tweezers and some alcohol every week.


76-2-electric epilator hair removal

In the process of hair removal, you need hair removal techniques at the right time. First of all, you need to follow the product instructions according to the type of electric epilator hair removal you are using. Because this can minimize the risk of your hair ingrown. The attached tweezers may not be included in the instructions, but the correct way to operate the tweezers is to clamp the hair you want to remove with the tip of the tweezers, and then gently pull it toward the direction of hair growth. During each operation, be sure to moisten the tweezers to wipe them clean. The method of using the smooth glide epilator is very simple. Just use the special pliers on the top of the baby smooth epilator to clamp the hair you want epilator permanent hair removal, and hold it for 30 to 45 seconds (depending on the length and thickness of the hair), you can easily pluck the hair go. During the whole process, there is no direct contact between the wet dry epilator and the skin. But the electromagnetic waves emitted from the epilator hair removal machine will reach the bottom of the hair, causing the root cells to coagulate and die. Therefore, the pain is caused when your hair is plucked and reduced greatly, and the hair will not regenerate.


76-1-electric epilator hair removal

So what kind of skincare should be done after hair removal?

First, you need to rinse the skin. Then wipe or rinse the skin after finishing. After the pores are opened by warm water, lingering hair and bacteria can be removed. Next, you need to moisturize your skin twice a day with a moisturizer, because hair removal may cause redness or inflammation. When skincare, try to choose mild and nourishing products, which will help moisturize your skin. After depilation, remember to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, as this will prevent the hair from growing normally, it will grow inward. 

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