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What Is the Anti-aging Principle of Home RF Facial Machine?

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Radio frequency lifting, radio wave lifting or non-surgical lifting are already very familiar in the beauty industry. Diathermy is used to treat bones and joints. Many beauty institutions will be equipped with radio frequency machines for face and body.


The radio frequency beauty instrument uses monopolar radio frequency technology dedicated to beauty salons. Nowadays, the working party does not have much time to go to the beauty salon for skin care. But we can also use various skin care products and tightening equipment to remove wrinkles and anti-aging at home. The insulated probe and the patented negative handle of the radio frequency beauty instrument can form a loop, which can make the deep dermal tissue circulate and heat up by acting on the surface of the skin. Before using the RF facial machine, we must remove the jewelry and metal objects on the body. With some massage techniques, it is recommended to use home skin tightening devices two or three times a week for about 15 to 20 minutes each time.


44-1-radio frequency beauty instrument

RF Devices for Home Use


In a sense, radio frequency can be said to be a powerful instrument for tightening and anti-wrinkle. On the one hand, its effect can make collagen fibers shrink when exposed to heat, and on the other hand, it can also promote the proliferation of collagen fibers. The two effects can achieve the effect of wrinkle-removing and tightening!


Radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave, but it is not the electromagnetic itself that has the beauty effect. Electromagnetic energy and thermal energy can be converted into each other. The thermal effect of radio frequency promotes the synthesis of collagen to a certain extent, which is the key to helping the skin resist aging. The working principle of radio frequency is to heat the deep layer of the skin, destroy the molecular structure in it, and cause small damage to the cells. Radiofrequency destroys collagen and stimulates cells to produce more collagen. While heating deep into the skin, it takes freezing measures on the skin surface.


44-2-skin tightening machine for home use

The anti-aging of skin tightening machine for home use is to send radio waves into the subcutaneous tissue through the radio frequency operating instrument, so that the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue generates heat energy. It uses the principle that the layer of collagen fibers will shrink immediately at 55-70°C. In addition, it also has two functions to enhance the skin and promote the regeneration of collagen. While the collagen produces immediate contraction, it will also stimulate the layer to secrete more new collagen fibers to regenerate, thereby holding up the scaffold of the skin again, increasing the thickness and density of the true layer of the skin. The effect of a process of RF skin tightening device at home is maintained for 2-3 years.


At present, there are many RF beauty devices on the market. There are many single-level and multi-level classifications of radio frequency beauty equipment. Radio frequency is actually just adjusting different frequencies to achieve different operating effects. The home styles are mainly RF wand for skin, thermometer devices for home use and ultrasound skin tightening machine.

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