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What Do You Know About Body Hair?

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The human body has a total of five million hair follicles, each of which plays an important role in the human body. Body hair grows from these hair follicles. For humans, too much body hair will affect their appearance, so people are always studying how to remove body hair. The following content introduces the detailed knowledge about body hair, so that you can have a correct understanding of body hair. 



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The Origin Of Body Hair

Millions of years ago, human ancestors were covered with body hair. These body hairs can keep mammals warm and protect their skin from external damage. About two million years ago, human ancestors learned more ways to move. They learned to walk, run, and become more active. Because of these activities, they need more powerful heat dissipation capacity, so their body hair gradually begins to fall off. Too much body hair will lead to the sweat secreted by sweat glands can not be evaporated in time, thus affecting heat dissipation. About 500000 years ago, human ancestors lost almost all their body hair, and only some parts of the body, such as the head, would have body hair. 



The History Of Body Hair Removal

Since body hair plays an important role in our body function, why should we remove body hair? Nowadays, a variety of hair removal devices appear in the market, such as face hair removal machine, leg hair removal machine, laser body hair removal, etc. These products allow us to remove body hair more conveniently and quickly. Removing body hair can make our body smoother and have baby like skin. According to research, human hair removal began about 500 years ago. 



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Types Of Body Hair Removal


This is the most basic way of body hair removal. You need to use a tool similar to a razor to remove body hair. It is suggested that cream or shaving gel be applied to the body to keep the skin moist. This method can not completely remove the body hair, and the body hair will grow again after a period of time.



You can use tweezers to pull body hair directly out of hair follicles. This method not only takes a lot of time, but also makes you feel pain when removing body hair. 


Laser Body Hair Removal

Laser body hair removal is one of the best body hair removal methods. By using the hair removal machine, the laser can aim at the pigment in the hair follicle and gradually dilute it. This method has little effect on light hair, but it is very effective for dark hair. Laser hair removal costs a lot, with an average cost of $2000 per treatment. Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, some portable hair removal systems appear on the market. You can buy a household hair remover from the mall and use it according to the instructions to achieve the effect of hair removal. Because the power of portable hair removal machine is lower than that of medical hair removal machine, it needs to be used more frequently to remove body hair, but it costs less and saves you time.

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