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What Can We Learn From Cultural And Sexual Aspects Of Hair Removal?

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Every culture of human society has formulated social norms related to body hair. Different criteria for human appearance and physical attractiveness apply to men and women. In some cultures, hair does not meet people's aesthetic standards, so people cut it off. In addition, for women, exposing body hair other than hair, eyelashes and eyebrows in public is also considered an ugly and embarrassing behavior. In the middle east society, for hundreds of years, removing female pubic hair has been considered necessary by local people because it is related to personal hygiene.


By the 20th century, sportswear and swimsuits were popular in more and more countries. This also leads to the need for women to expose more body parts. In the United States, most women regularly remove leg and armpit hair. About half of women also remove body hair around their pelvis, making them more sexy in bikini. At that time, because there was no hair removal devices, many women could only use razor or beeswax to achieve the purpose of traditional hair removal.


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In western culture, many men are used to shaving, and only a few men are willing to keep their beard. Men's beard grows very fast, so they usually need to shave every day to maintain a clean appearance. Some men shave because their beard is different from their hair color, or their beard grows in multiple directions, resulting in a very messy look. Some men shave because their beard grows too fast, resulting in skin discomfort, and some men grow beards to change their appearance.


Some men also remove all their hair, which is either a religious custom or a pursuit of fashion. In addition, some men shave all their hair because of baldness. For some patients with hyperhidrosis, shaving all their hair can also make their skulls cooler. Some women also shave all their hair for cultural or social reasons. In some areas, widows are required to shave their hair, which is particularly common in India. Although the society and the government are trying to change this phenomenon, the effect is not very good.


For aesthetic or sexual reasons, people may cut off some or all of their pubic hair. The motivation for this practice is usually to improve personal hygiene, increase sensitivity in sexual activities, or hope to have a more exposed appearance and visual appeal. In addition, to avoid social embarrassment, men and women usually remove excess pubic hair before sex or before visiting public beaches. 


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In western culture, women are usually required to hair removal, while men do not. But some women also do not have hair removal, which is either because they feel that leg hair removal is not necessary, or it is a struggle against tradition. And some men also shed their hair, which helps to reduce their body odor. 


As the hair removal technology becomes more and more mature, a variety of hair removal machines are launched by different companies. Among them, laser hair removal machine and eyebrow hair removal machine are usually the most popular. These household hair removal machines can enable consumers to enjoy professional hair removal services at home and save them the cost of going to the hospital for hair removal.


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