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What Are the Types of Skin Tightening Machines and How to Choose?

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It is understood that the skin tightening machine or beauty machine uses radio frequency energy, infrared light and strong pulsed light to tighten the skin. This also divides the beauty instrument into three categories, namely radio frequency skin tightening machine, infrared skin tightening machine and intense pulse light skin tightening machine. Are they effective and how to choose one?


Insufficient moisture in the skin will cause it to lose its elasticity and cause wrinkles. Therefore, when choosing some anti-wrinkle tighting cosmetics, it is necessary to choose a good moisturizing effect. To improve and prevent the sagging state of the skin, the first task is to clean the skin. This step can prevent the accumulation of grease, dust, trash, and damage the skin to accelerate skin aging. In addition, home beauty equipment has a certain effect on tightening loose skin, but its effect is not as good as professional beauty equipment.


People with darker skin tones should use a lower energy setting when using the skin tightener at home.


46-3-bipolar RF beauty equipment

RF Skin Tightening Machine


The radio frequency beauty device can penetrate deep into the dermis. Through the thermal effect of radio frequency energy, collagen can be contracted by heat. This step stimulates the rearrangement and combination of collagen, promotes the regeneration of collagen, improves the metabolism of the skin, and plays an anti-aging and tighting ability.


The radio frequency tighting machine uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin to stimulate the production of skin collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin. This technology induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen with elastin and tightens the skin.


The home RF skin tightening machine runs at a lower power setting.


At present, there are only two types of radio frequency beauty equipment, single-stage and bipolar. Single-stage is generally used in beauty salons or home beauty devices, and bipolar is used in some beauty salons. The depth of the skin reached by single-stage radiofrequency at work is deeper than that of bipolar radiofrequency, while bipolar radiofrequency is wider. Therefore, single-stage RF beauty equipment is mostly used in facial beauty, wrinkle, tighting, whitening and other aspects. Bipolar RF beauty equipment is mostly used for body shaping and weight loss.

46-1-skin tightening machine


Infrared Skin Tighting Machine


Infrared skin tighting machine uses LED light with infrared wavelength to emit small pulse energy. The energy penetrates under the epidermis and enters the dermis, shrinking collagen fibers.


The IR tighting machine is safe and well tolerated, and can cool the epidermis to reduce or completely eliminate pain or skin redness.


The improvement of the sagging skin after the use of the IR machine requires continuous use.


Intense Pulse Light Tighting Machine


IPL uses high-intensity light to heat collagen fibers, tighten the skin, and smooth the texture of the skin. The wavelength generated by the IPL skin tighting machine is absorbed by the moisture in the dermis, which triggers growth factors and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.


Although some IPL machines can cool the epidermis, some patients still experience some temporary symptoms including skin redness, blistering or skin pigmentation after use.


Which One Is Best?


In summary, the three household skin tightening machines have their own significant effects. As to which one to choose depends on specific needs, preferences and budgets, as well as the opinions of dermatologists. In some cases, it is recommended to alternate treatment with different types of equipment.


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