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Ultrasonic beauty instrument VS radio frequency beauty instrument, which is more suitable for you?

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If it is safe to choose ultrasound, if it is required to be effective, choose RF beauty device.


Ultrasound is the most traditional and basic instrument for introducing products. It introduces products into the skin and absorbs them through high-frequency oscillation. Electroporation is a new type of beauty technology in the past two years, which can directly penetrate the product into the dermis of the skin, and the penetration rate is negative ion introduction 10-27 times as much as it has a tightening effect. Electroporation technology is mainly used in needle-free monographs. Some instruments will also combine other technologies such as radio frequency, color light, and EMS to achieve better results; the former has no clear sensation when used on the skin (you can see that it is working through the drop of water on the probe), and the latter is on the skin There will be a feeling of current numbness when used on top (currently sensitive people may not adapt to it at first). How to choose depends mainly on your skin condition. Ultrasound can be used for simple care. If the skin is loose and fine lines, the effect of electroporation beauty equipment will be more obvious.


83-RF skin machine

RF device for skin is mainly divided into single-stage skin tightening machine for face and bipolar professional RF skin tightening machine. Radiofrequency is an electromagnetic wave that is penetrating and reaches the dermis. Research published by Zelickson BD in Arch Dermatol shows that RF energy can break the hydrogen bonds of triple helix collagen, thereby activating the skin's repair mechanism and promoting the regeneration of new collagen. After being certified by the FDA in 2002, RF beauty instrument is widely used to improve the sagging skin of the face and neck.


And data are showing that after mini RF skin beauty device, wrinkles, skin smoothness, and texture are improved by 25-50%. It is worth noting that if the energy of professional skin tightening machine is too large, it will cause thermal damage to the skin. Therefore, controllable RF facial machine energy is the core technology of the skin tightening machines. Studies have found that the frequencies used by radio frequency beauty instruments on the market are all distributed between 1MHz and 6MHz, and the higher the frequency of the instrument, the higher the safety requirements. Therefore, we should pay attention to the radio frequency and safety of the beauty device when choosing the radio frequency beauty device.


83-3-RF device for skin

The above is the difference between an ultrasonic beauty instrument and a radio frequency beauty instrument. You can choose the best beautiful instrument for you. If you want to learn more, you can click on this website. There are many beautiful instruments of the same type for you to choose from. Moreover, Maly has mastered many key technologies in the field of home beauty equipment research and development and has formed a unique product research and development advantage.


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