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The reason of using eye massager

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Long-term work will make our eyes feel tired, and transitional study will also affect our eyesight. Even playing with mobile phones or computers and televisions will make our eyes feel tired. Therefore, using a dry eye massager is a rescue plan after fatigue.



31-1-eye and face massager pink

The effect of using eye massager


1. The eye massager for eye bags has multi-frequency strength, which can relieve eye fatigue, prevent myopia and beautify eyes. Three times a day for three to five minutes, it can effectively improve the micro-propaganda of eye tissue, improve the regulation ability of ciliary muscle, activate eye cell tissue, increase oxygen and dredge collaterals, effectively improve vision, prevent myopia and improve eyesight.


2. It can also relax eyes, reduce internal pressure, remove dry eyes, improve eyesight, and eliminate insomnia. Wearing an eye and face massager pink for three to five minutes after eye closure can fully relax the eyeball and eye muscles, reduce the inner pressure limit, and quickly eliminate symptoms such as soreness, swelling, dryness, fear of light and blurred vision caused by excessive use of eyes. The magnetic field has a good sedative effect. Wearing it for five to ten minutes before going to bed every night can fully relax the cranial nerves, easily enter deep sleep, eliminate insomnia caused by excessive use of brain and neurasthenia, and shorten sleeping time.


3. Reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. Persisting in using the face and eye massager for five to ten minutes every day can help eliminate eye bags and dark circles caused by lack of sleep and poor blood circulation, and strengthen the metabolism of eye cells. Smooth wrinkles around eyes, make skin around eyes more shiny and elastic.



31-2-eye and face massager pink

You also need to know the use steps:


Purchase eye massager


1. Simple is safe and effective. The eyes are an important part of the body, and the smart eye massagers that can be worn on the eyes must be safe, simple and effective, so it is necessary to check the test report of the product and whether the product is qualified;


2. Multi-function and higher risk factor. At present, there are many kinds of under eye massagers on the market equipped with MP3, heating, larger battery capacity, etc. It is recommended to carefully purchase such products, if the product fails, the consequences are terrible;


3. The purchase of an eye massager is mainly for massage. Many people buy eye massager for dark circles, which is mainly used to relax and relieve eye muscles when eye fatigue occurs. Therefore, there is no need to buy too many multi-functional eye massagers, only according to your own needs.



Read the product instruction manual


1. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them first;


2. Please confirm whether the soft massage button of the best eye massager is clean. If it is dirty, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth. (People with eye injury or inflammation are forbidden to wear it. )


3. Open the battery box cover of the eye temple massager, put the battery in, and close the battery cover (the positive and negative poles of the battery should be placed correctly).



Check the product


1. Turn on the power supply and press the ON key. Enter the automatic cycle mode, and automatically switch the massage according to the sequence of the program. If you press the switch again, the 4d eye massager will stop;


2. Press the function key to automatically switch a program;


3. Press the time key to select different time timings.


4. Choose the type of programs you want.


5. Remember to turn it off after use.


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