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Stop Rubbing Your Eyes, Try the Eye Massager

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Rubbing eyes is a common action in your daily life. Because of eye fatigue, rubbing with your hand will alleviate a lot, but in fact, many people don't know that rubbing your eyes is harmful. There is a tear film on the surface of human eyeball, which is composed of three layers. The innermost mucus layer is used to attach the tear film to the corneal surface. The second is the water sample layer, which contains an appropriate amount of electrolyte and beneficial protein. The surface is a thin lipid layer, which is used to slow down water evaporation. Regular eye rubbing has the following hazards.


97-2.ultrasonic eye massager

1. Eye infection: the hand has a wide contact surface, which contains a lot of dust and pathogenic bacteria. Rubbing your eyes with your hands will bring bacteria into your eyes, causing conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.

2. Intraocular foreign body: sometimes the hand carries some dirty things. If you rub your eyes and bring them into your eyes when you don't pay attention, it will cause eye grinding pain and tears.

3. Corneal abrasion: sometimes the eyes are itchy, people will rub the eyes with their hands, resulting in intraocular damage.

4. Eyelid wrinkles: rubbing the eyes with your hands frequently is easy to make the eyelid skin rough and wrinkle.


Rubbing your eyes can cause so much harm. When your eyes are uncomfortable, you can use an infrared eye massager to relieve it. What factors should be considered when purchasing it?


97-1.wireless eye massager

Texture of material

As an instrument close to the eye skin, the material of the smart living eye massager can not be underestimated. The lining material should be skin friendly, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to wear. Common lining materials mainly include protein skin, PU skin, flannelette, etc.


PU leather has general stretch, but it has certain air permeability and smooth texture. Protein skin is a kind of artificial leather, which belongs to PU. It feels soft and has better air permeability than PU. Flannelette feels close to the skin. It is breathable and soft. It has a good use experience in winter and can keep warm. In terms of cleaning difficulty, PU leather and protein leather are easier to wipe than flannelette. Therefore, whether you buy a wireless eye massager or a halo ion eye massager, it's right to choose skin friendly texture.



Function of massager

The eye massager needs to have a unique function of magnetic therapy. The top eye massagers have built-in high-frequency magnetic field. When people use them, they can move the magnetic lines of force at the main acupoints on the face and the capillaries around the eyes, such as ultrasonic eye massager, ionic eye massager, ems eye massager and so on. The special magnet in the massager sends out magnetic lines, which can effectively achieve the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion. In addition, it can also generate micro current in capillaries to calm the nerves.


In addition, the air pressure eye massager had better have music function. Music can relax people's body and mind and relieve brain pressure. Most portable eye massagers have music functions. You can listen to music close to nature while doing eye massage.

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