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Something you should know about RF beauty

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Although household multipolar best radio frequency skin tightening machine for home use is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic and wrinkle-removing products at present, even the best products have some matters needing attention. We should keep these precautions in mind before we can have healthy skin care.



38-1-led tightening device

What should we pay attention to when using RF beauty instrument?


1. When using the the best skin tightening machine, keep circling the skin, and don't keep the RF head in one place for a long time, so as not to damage the skin due to excessive temperature.


2. During use, the head of the led tightening deviceled tightening device must contact the skin, so that the RF energy can be evenly distributed on every inch of skin and the RF efficiency can be maximized.


3. After massage with multipolar radio frequency beauty device, the skin will be reddened normally, so it can be cared for with mild skin care products.


4. There is damage, inflammation or cosmetic filler parts can't use beauty instrument, so as not to affect it. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should follow the doctor's instructions to use them.



38-2-led tightening device

The function of RF beauty instrument:


1. Wrinkle removing and firming skin


The application of radio frequency in facial rejuvenation, such as wrinkle removal. Rf radio frequency skin tightening machine is to send radio waves into subcutaneous tissue through radio frequency therapeutic instrument, so that the natural resistance movement of subcutaneous tissue generates heat energy. It uses the principle that collagen fibers in dermal layer will immediately contract at 55-70℃. The principle of rf photon beauty device has two functions of lifting skin and promoting collagen regeneration. Collagen will immediately contract and stimulate dermis layer to secrete more new collagen fibers to regenerate, thus supporting the skin scaffold again, increasing the thickness and density of dermal layer and filling wrinkles. The effect of rf skin machine for a course of treatment lasts for 2-3 years.


2. Treat stretch marks


Stretch marks are caused by the enlarged uterus bulging outward after pregnancy. When it exceeds the limit of skin elastic fiber, elastic fiber breaks and rectus abdominis tendon is separated in different degrees. As a result, irregular longitudinal cracks in pink or purple appeared on the skin of abdomen. Radio frequency waves can penetrate the barrier of melanocytes in epidermis basement, so that collagen fibers in dermis layer are heated to 55-65℃, collagen fibers shrink, and skin in stretch marks is tightened. Meanwhile, thermal effect makes collagen proliferate, new collagen rearranges and increases in number, and repairs aging damaged collagen layer, thus reducing the length and width of streak stretch marks and achieving the purpose of relieving stretch marks. Rf radio frequency facial beauty machine is suitable for stretch marks with less abdominal sagging.


3. lean muscle


The technology of facial rf device can be applied to calf gastrocnemius hypertrophy and simple masseter muscle hypertrophy, which means that the radio frequency waves emitted by the radio frequency transmitter enter the target tissue from the uninsulated part of the tip of the radio frequency needle, and the high frequency alternating current can make the tissue ions vibrate along with the changing direction of the current, thus causing the ions in the tissue around the electrode to oscillate, and the ions collide with each other to generate heat, that is, the resistance generates heat, and the temperature can reach 90-120℃, resulting in local high heat effect, which promotes the occurrence of vacuoles in muscle fibers in local radio frequency damaged areas, and then contracts, tightens and deforms. The whole process of tissue changes after portable rf for face treatment takes about 3-6 months.

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