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Laser Hair Removal - No More Worrying about Exuberant Hair

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Humans evolved from apes, so everyone has hair. Every summer, people with strong hair or women who love beauty will choose depilation. There are two ways of depilation, traditional waxing depilation and modern laser depilation. Data show that laser hair removal is more popular among women, and most of whom choose laser treatment for bikini area.


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What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is different from ordinary hair removal methods such as shaving, hot wax hair removal and hair removal cream. It is an optical based treatment mechanism.


In short, the laser can be reflected, scattered, conducted or absorbed by the skin. Good laser hair removal is to irradiate the skin with pulsed light at the wavelength of 600 ~ 1100mm to make it absorbed by the melanin in the hair matrix. After that, melanin will convert light energy into heat energy and diffuse, so as to destroy hair bulb cells and hair stem cells. For different regions of the human body, you can choose full body laser hair removal and full leg laser hair removal. The laser is mainly aimed at the hair in the "growth period" (at this time, melanin secretes the most, which can absorb a lot of heat, and the effect is obvious). For the hair in the "static period" (middle age) and "degenerative period" (old age), melanin secretes less, which can not completely destroy the hair follicles. When the hair in the "pit" grows for a long time (puberty), the hair follicles can be completely destroyed.



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What is the process of laser hair removal?

If you choose a skin laser clinic, the technician performing the laser surgery will trim the hair until it is close to the skin before the operation. 

Then he will adjust the laser settings according to the color, diameter, position and skin color of the hair to be removed. The technician will use a cold gel to protect the skin. Local anesthesia will also be performed according to the situation. Everyone needs to wear eye protection when performing laser treatment for hair removal. After surgery, you may need to apply an ice bag to relieve discomfort. For severe pain, doctors recommend over-the-counter painkillers or steroid ointments. Most people need 8 follow-up treatments, about 4 to 6 weeks. If the growth of hair is limited, it may need to be maintained once or twice a year.


Do you know what the other method is? Now people prefer to choose permanent hair removal at home. The hair removal device uses the light absorption of hair follicles to selectively destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin tissue, so as to make the hair lose the ability of regeneration. The best facial hair removal device hardly affects normal skin, and can even be used for rejuvenation when it is idle every day (but it is not recommended to buy a hair remover specially for rejuvenation).


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