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Is there a more convenient method of hair removal?

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Most people have no experience in the first hair removal. For the first time, they basically choose to use a epilator hair removal to carefully shave off their legs. This method is more suitable for removing the hair on the thighs and arms, as well as the hair on the cheeks and lip hair, and it is highly feasible.


But because only the part where the hair grows out of the skin is shaved off, it will grow again soon. Frequent shaving may also lead to ingrown hairs. Hair that has been shaved will curl during the growth process and cannot grow out when buried in the keratin. And it's easy to scratch if you are not careful. Although there are many shortcomings, almost all of us have tried the lady shaver epilator, which is also a relatively simple and operable method. Of course, in order to improve the efficiency of shaving, you may also try various hair removal methods:

  • Hair removal wax paper

  • Hair removal beeswax

  • Hair removal sponge


Is there any more advanced hair removal method?


65 hair laser treatment (1)

Is laser hair removal useful?

Laser hair removal can last the longest indeed. In general, the effect of hair laser treatment is ideal among all hair removal methods, but laser hair removal price will be relatively high, generally around 2000USD. If you find it troublesome and expensive, and want to achieve long-term hair removal, you can also try a home hair removal device.



Is the home hair removal device the same as laser hair removal? Is the effect permanent?

To be precise, the effects of laser hair removal and home laser hair removals are long-lasting. However, it does not mean that a single hair will not grow permanently, but that 80% to 90% of the hair removal area will not grow again. Because the hair removal effect and duration are related to many factors, including individual differences, use times, use time, energy intensity, etc.



65 hair laser treatment (2)

Does home hair removal device hurt?

Pain is related to energy and hair size. The laser energy is large, the hair removal effect is better, and the pain and burning sensation will be more obvious.  It is necessary to cooperate with ice packs to soothe the skin. Household laser hair devices basically use pulsed light. Although the energy is lower than that of lasers, it is mild and painless. At the same time, the thicker the hair is, the more obvious the pain will be.



How long does the home hair removal device depilate once?

Laser hair removal in beauty salons or hospitals, accompanied by professionals, generally takes about 20 minutes for full body laser hair removal. It need go to the hospital 1 to 2 times a month, and a total of 5 to 10 visits. The home hair removal device only irradiates each part once, and it takes 20 minutes for the whole body to remove hair after proficiency. Generally, after 8 times, most people will have visible changes with the naked eye. It is more appropriate to use it twice a month.


Permanent hair removal at home is become a trend actually. You can have a try and will find its effect.

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