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Is the home RF beauty safe?

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Many women like to find various household mini rf machines, but are these household RF beauty instruments really effective? What's the difference between it and medical radio frequency? Through this article, you will have a better understanding of skin tightening machine at home.



36-1-mini rf machine

What is RF beauty?


The radio frequency (RF) of RF beauty instrument is a kind of high frequency alternating electromagnetic wave, and its frequency is between 300kHz and 300GHz. Radio frequency can penetrate epidermis and act on deep tissues. Water molecules in tissues move (rotate) and generate heat by friction through fast alternating electromagnetic fields, so that collagen fibers are heated to about 55-65℃. Heat energy can cause immediate contraction of collagen fibers. In addition, thermal damage caused by skin tightening machine for face can initiate skin repair and regeneration, and continuously stimulate collagen repair and regeneration, thus improving skin relaxation and aging caused by collagen loss.


To put it simply, when the professional radio frequency machine for face acts on the skin, the heat energy generated by electromagnetic wave can heat the dermis layer. After heating, the collagen cells under the skin will shrink and tighten, and promote the collagen cells to regenerate, so that the skin can reach a tight, full and elastic state.



Classification of radio frequency:


1. Unipolar radio frequency is the mainstream in the medical and aesthetic market at present. According to different technologies, it can be subdivided into:


Quasi-monopolar: This kind of rf beauty machine has high energy, radiates directly to the skin, penetrates deeply, has strong pain, and has remarkable single curative effect. Electrode plates need to be connected to the body to form a circuit, and a refrigerant cooling device is provided.


Wave-phase monopole: Using resonance heating of water molecules greatly improves comfort and safety. Although the wave monopolar rf lifting machine is suitable for deep heating, it still cannot accurately control the penetration depth.


Focus unipolar: This best face tightening device focuses directly on the subcutaneous fascia layer. It breaks through the traditional heating mode of radio frequency from the outside to the inside, and solves the problem that its action level is shallow and it cannot heat fascia layer.



2. Bipolar (multipolar) radio frequency: Bipolar radiofrequency facial machine contains positive and negative electrodes, and the energy is distributed between the electrodes, which has shallow action depth, stronger controllability and safer. It is precisely because there are still some limitations in the application of bipolar radio frequency to household RF beauty instruments, and various brands have made different improvements based on the principle of bipolar radio frequency. Therefore, the quadrupole and multipole mentioned by many manufacturers are actually publicity gimmicks.



36-2-mini rf machine

The difference between medical and domestic RF instruments:


In fact, the biggest difference between domestic radio frequency instruments and medical radio frequency instruments is the effect caused by the level of energy. The effect of medical radio frequency is remarkable, which can be shown not only by taking pictures, but also by others. The effect of household best rf skin tightening machines is that there is a change in one's subjective feelings, but this change can hardly be seen from photos, and it is difficult for others to find out.



Can medical and domestic radio frequency instruments replace each other?


No, but it can be combined and superimposed. Best home skin tightening device is more suitable for daily skin care or for prolonging the time of maintaining the effect after medical and aesthetic projects. If your skin is aging and flabby, it is recommended to find a professional doctor in a regular hospital.

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