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Is the eye massager useful?

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Bluetooth eye massager is to improve the circulation of blood and lymph around the eyes by means of hot compress and massage, improve the blood circulation of the eyes and the metabolism of tissues and cells, relax the eyeballs, and thus relieve the fatigue and dryness of the eyes, so that the eyes can be restored to the state after using them for a long time. According to the needs of modern people, the intelligent eye massager uses vibration to stimulate the nerves around our eyes, which makes the blood circulation around our eyes smoother. So is the eye massager useful for our eyes?



27-2-bluetooth eye massager

Is the eye massager useful?


Wireless eye massager is based on traditional meridians and some cosmetic methods in traditional Chinese medicine, combined with biomagnetism in modern science. First of all, Chinese medicine has always believed that our body is composed of numerous meridians, and the eyes are no exception.


Therefore, combined with this principle, the pulse magnetic field is used to convey vibration to some relatively large acupuncture points around the corner of our eyes, so that our eyes can be relieved by stimulation. After using the eye and temple massager, the veins around our eyes will be dredged and our metabolism will be accelerated, especially when our eyes feel tired.



27-1-bluetooth eye massager (2)

How to maintain the eye massager?


1. When the wire is hot and the socket is loose, please stop using best electric eye massager;


2. Do not place it in a place that is easy to occupy water, such as a washstand;


3. Do not immerse the eye and face massager in water;


4. Never place the instrument for safekeeping when it is powered on;


5. In order to ensure the service life of the probe, please do not use alcohol and other detergents to clean the nose, and wipe the pure therapy head and eye massager with a clean soft cloth;


6. Keep the instrument dry for a long time;


7. Please keep it out of reach of children, and don't let minors use it.


8. The eye thermal massagers are electronic products, so pay attention to waterproof, moistureproof and shockproof; There are fragile parts inside, please do not break, impact and get strong vibration;


9. People with infectious skin cannot share this product with others;


10. Do not use this product when your hands are wet but not dry. If the wire or plug is overheated during operation, please stop using the digital eye massager immediately, otherwise it may lead to short circuit;


11. When using the negative ion "import" function (output by thermal eye massager head), it is normal for people with high skin sensitivity to click slightly afterwards.



What are the taboos of using eye massager?


1. Pregnant women should abide by the doctor's advice;


2. Eye position;


3. Excessive sun exposure to the skin causes inflammation;


4. Inflammation sites such as acne cannot use ion function, but can use color blue light function;


5. Itching or feeling some spots of fever (heat);


6. Plastic parts;


7. The part just after using the hair removal/shaving device.

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