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Is it safe to use eye massager?

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Now is the electronic age, we use our eyes excessively when we go to work or go to school. If we watch mobile phones, our eyes will feel tired, so we need to buy a pretty see eye massager. Eye massage instrument belongs to a physical therapy method, which massages the acupoints of the eyes, promotes blood circulation, dredges meridians, regulates the muscle function of the eyes, improves asthenopia and prevents myopia without obvious side effects. However, it is worth noting that:


1. We must strictly grasp the use of the best temple massager and matters needing attention to avoid local injury caused by excessive massage, like subcutaneous blood stasis.


2. For the acute phase of eye inflammation, it is forbidden to use thermal optics eye massager to avoid the spread of inflammation. For hemorrhagic diseases and traumatic diseases, massage must be prohibited to avoid aggravation of bleeding.



29-2-pretty see eye massager

Correct use of eye massager:


For the first time, you should have an allergy test. The adhesive pad should be close to the skin and gently stimulated by micro-current. If the adhesive pad is not close to the skin and used in a state of weak adhesion, it cannot effectively transmit current stimulation to the skin. Because of the characteristics of the eye bag massagers, if you use the adhesive pad to stick the skin in the state of makeup or oily skin and unclean skin, you can only use it once, so you must wash your face before using it. Before using the adhesive pad, wash it with soap, etc., and do not touch the adhesive surface with your hands. To prevent dirt or dryness after use, stick the head of top eye massager with an anti-drying film, and do not stick the adhesive pad on the same side.


Don't keep the intelligent air compression massager in a hot and humid place with strong light or sharp changes in temperature. Take it off gently and slowly when you take it off the skin, and drop some water on the surface when the adhesion becomes low. Even if the adhesive force has not responded, please replace it with a new one. Be sure to use special adhesive pads.


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Wash the inside of the arm with soap, dry it with a towel, and stick an adhesive pad on the cleaned place for about 1 hour. If there is no abnormality within one hour, you can use it. If there is abnormality, please don't use the head eye massager and go to the dermatology department. If the skin feels redness, rash, itching and irritation during the test, please stop the test and remove the adhesive pad.


Some eye beauty massagers are very simple to operate, do not need batteries, are USB-charged, and can be used continuously for two hours when fully charged. You don't need to turn on the power button when you use it. The eye care eye massager has a hand-held sensing area in the middle. When you hold it in your hand and touch the skin of your eyes and lips, it starts to vibrate. The zinc alloy massage head is inclined at 45 degrees, which can directly fit the skin perfectly. That is to say, don't worry about anything, just pick it up and use it directly, and just put the lid on after use. As long as the best eye massager with heat is worn on the eyes, the massage can be started. It is very convenient to use. A good eye massager can soothe our eyes, and it also has a certain cosmetic effect on the skin around the eyes. It is also very good for eyesight, so it is also very suitable for children.

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