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Is It Safe to Epilate Pubic Hair?

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Pubic hair removal is a common practice between men and women. People do this a lot because it makes you feel cleaner, less smelly and sexier. Epilation is the complete removal of body hair from the roots with an instrument. This is an effective temporary hair removal method.


In general, it is safe to use a mechanical hair remover. However, this will be painful, especially for first-time users. If your skin is sensitive, you may have more serious side effects such as pain, boils, rashes, redness. The vulva is a sensitive area; As a result, it is more prone to pain and jolting. Be sure to test other parts of the body to check skin sensitivity before applying directly to the vagina. Hair over 3 mm is best trimmed before removal.


Different depilator devices are available. Tweezers are not as painful or effective as needle-based hair removal devices. Some depilator devices can be used to remove pubic hair with or without water. Using a wet depilator in the shower is good because it reduces irritation. This is a safe way to do it. However, if the device moves faster or in the opposite direction to the hair's growth, it can snap the hair instead of pulling it out from the roots, causing bumps and pain as the hair grows inward.



17.Epilate Pubic Hair

Are other methods of pubic hair removal safe?


Hair removal seems to reduce the chance of pubic lice. However, due to unhygienic practices in the salon or unskilled therapists, it also seems to increase the chance of infectious sexually transmitted infections. In addition, the heat generated by the hot wax creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which may increase your chances of getting infected more quickly.


Minor complications, such as severe pain, irritation, severe itching, lumps, boils, ingrown hair, and dark skin, are usually seen when women have pubic hair removed. Other common side effects, such as genital injury, hot wax burns, severe pus infection, may require medical care. In addition, it can cause life-threatening bacterial infections.


Although most grooming injuries are minor, any damage to your genitals may make you more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases. Unhygienic pubic hair removal practices can spread sexually transmitted diseases to other parts of the body or genitals, such as human papillomavirus infection, warts, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. It may also reactivate previous herpes infections. If you have weakened immunity, diabetes or other medical problems, it is best to avoid extensive body hair removal or remove pubic hair completely.


However, the beauty industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and more and more invasive and potentially harmful surgeries are emerging.


In addition to plucking hair, the most desirable method is shaving and trimming. Before surgery in a hospital, shaving or trimming is a widely practiced procedure. Although it may sometimes cause minor injuries, it is still considered the safest and most hygienic if the correct technique and disposable razors are used.


Compared with men, more women prefer to completely remove pubic hair. Therefore, women report more experience of side effects after pubic hair removal. Discuss with your gynecologist about your pubic hair removal practice and your preference for safer results.



17.Pubic hair removal

How to remove pubic hair at home?

If you use the correct technique for shaving, trimming or hair removal at home, it is best to use a safe method of pubic hair removal. In order to avoid injury to the pubic hair area, a dermatologist may suggest the following suggestions when plucking pubic hair at home.


1. Stand while trimming or shaving, because if you lie down trimming or shaving, you may get injured.


2. Trim your pubic hair yourself to prevent injury and avoid trimming by your partner.


3. Before using a genital epilator, be sure to check the skin sensitivity of other parts of the body.


4. When using an epilator or razor, follow the instructions and the correct method.


5. Make sure you are using products that are fragrance-free and non-allergenic, such as shaving cream.


6. Use a clean razor to shave in the correct way.


7. Use a moisturizer to reduce dryness after hair removal.


8. Avoid sharing hair removal products with other family members to prevent bacterial, viral or sexually transmitted infections.

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