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IPLHair Removal ——A Physical Depilation Method

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In summer, in order to wear beautiful skirts, many women began to work for hair removal again. They believe that excess hair, such as lip hair, armpit hair and limb hair, will affect the soft image. Therefore, the purchase of hair removal device has become a routine operation for many people. Now, ipl hair removal is increasingly loved by people. Next, let's take a look at this equipment.


98-2.epilator for facial hair

What is ipl hair removal?

Ipl facial hair removal is a new physical hair removal technology and beauty method. IPL (intense pulsed light) is called intense pulsed light, also known as color light, composite light and intense light. It is a kind of wide-spectrum visible light with special wavelength and has soft photothermal effect. Ipl permanent hair removal can destroy hair follicles by laser to achieve the effect of permanent depilation. It has the advantages of high safety, no side effects, painless, shrinking pores, moisturizing skin and so on. The photothermal effect of intense pulsed light on the skin can enhance the vascular function, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and narrowing pores. At first, it was mainly used in dermatology for clinical treatment of skin telangiectasia and hemangioma.


On the one hand, the epilator for facial hair can accurately realize the output of strong pulse light by using advanced processor and high-precision switching power supply. On the other hand, in the output mode, the smooth glide epilator adopts multi pulse independent adjustable technology to release the light pulse with high energy density with 2-3 sub pulses, which can not only reduce the damage of light to the epidermis, but also ensure the full heating of the target tissue. At the same time, because the pulse duration and the interval between each two pulses can be flexibly and independently adjusted, the ideal therapeutic effect can be achieved for different skin colors and different degrees of pathological states.



98-1.permanent hair removal machine

What are the advantages of ipl depilation?

1. Advanced: the Deka strong light ipl hair removal system has a wavelength range of 550 ~ 950nm, and the wavelength range of the powerful photon depilation instrument on the market is 400-1200nm.


2. Scientific: the permanent hair removal machine can make the light of specific wavelength only act on black hair follicles and generate heat energy to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.


3. Fast: the ipl laser hair removal device takes only 5 minutes to get rid of strong hair and does not affect normal activities. It is known as "lunch break beauty".


4. Relaxed: the best ipl home device adopts new patented technology and is equipped with sapphire contact cooling device, with a short upper limit of output wavelength and no pain.


5. Safe: photons act on hair follicles without scab and side effects after treatment.



Taboo population

1. People with local or systemic inflammation, immune system defects and abnormal hemagglutination.


2. People who are allergic to light and are using aspirin or antioxidants.


3. Mental health, pregnant women, menstrual women, people with various infectious skin diseases are not suitable.

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