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IPL versus laser hair removal

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In recent years, the appearance of crystal laser hair removal can be said to solve the troubles of most "kiwi girls". Compared with other hair removal products, hair removal instrument is really effective, and the hair after hair removal grows slower and thinner. And it is very convenient, can be operated at home at any time, can be used for at least two or three years, and has high cost performance.



24-1-the best ipl laser hair removal

Compare the "light" of different hair removers


According to the difference of "light", there are two main types of portable ipl laser hair removals, laser hair removal instruments and photon hair removal instruments. Among them, photon hair remover can be divided into IPL intense pulsed light remover and HPL pulsed light remover.


1. Laser


Laser technology was first applied to hair removal, and it is common in beauty salons and hospitals. The wavelength of painless laser hair removal at home is a specific single value, usually 810nm, and the energy is relatively concentrated, which can penetrate the depth of skin and make the energy effect more focused. Therefore, compared with IPL and HPL, the hair removal effect of laser will be faster in the same time period; The light outlet of the most powerful at home laser hair removal is small, and its action area is small. Under the same energy, its energy density is larger, so the pain will be stronger in comparison. The girl who can't resist the pain may cry when using the laser hair removal instrument.


For girls with high requirements for the best ipl laser hair removal and pain tolerance, laser hair removal instrument can be considered. The price of laser hair removal instrument is generally around 3,000 yuan, while photon lpi laser hair removal is basically available in 1000 yuan-3,000 yuan; Personally, I don't recommend buying a laser hair remover. The laser hair remover is the worst overall evaluation when I go to the major e-commerce platforms to buy hair removers.


24-2-the best ipl laser hair removal

2. Photonic hair removal instrument - IPL (intense pulsed light)


At present, most domestic light therapy hair removals on the market belong to the category of IPL intense pulsed light technology. The biggest difference between IPL and laser is that it is a kind of broad spectrum visible light, and each ipl and laser hair removal has its own fixed light band. Just because it is a band range, the light wave energy of IPL is not as concentrated as that of laser. It can only act at a specific depth, and it is much better than laser for a certain skin tissue, although the pain is obvious.


It should be noted that IPL is a kind of intense pulsed light, which takes the heat selective effect of light as the principle of hair removal. Its energy is still strong, so the pain is still obvious when you use best ipl at home hair removal.


3. Photonic hair removal instrument - HPL (home pulse light)


HPL house pulse light (also called home version pulse light), to a certain extent, HPL can be regarded as an upgraded version of ipl hair removal on pubic area. It can be said that HPL is the most advanced technology in the field of hair removal, certified by FDA.


In addition, the pain depends on the skin color and hair quality of the individual. The thinner the body hair, the harder it is to get rid of it; People with thick hair and dark skin will have more pain, and it is not recommended to choose laser.

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