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How to select eye massager?

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Eye care intelligent eye massager is a new special instrument for protecting and beautifying eyes, which combines modern ophthalmology theory and cosmetology principle of traditional Chinese medicine. It is carefully designed according to the high and low contours of the eyes and the distribution of different acupoints. Bluetooth eye massager has many finger-shaped massage contacts and is embedded with high-efficiency medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy, which can produce the best magnetic flux. It can effectively improve eye blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve visual fatigue, prevent myopia and amblyopia, and at the same time, make you have a pair of beautiful and healthy eyes easily. However, how to purchase a high-quality eye massager has become a worry for many friends. Let's share with you whether the best eye massager for dry eyes is used and how to purchase a high-quality eye massager.



33-1-intelligent eye massager

Purchase method:


1. The eye massager needs intelligent air pressure function


Most of the high-quality intelligent eye massagers have intelligent air pressure function, which can achieve the effect of imitating hand pressure massage. Under the control of microcomputer, air pressure can massage the eyes in all directions, massage more than 20 acupuncture points, strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, quickly relieve eye pressure, fully relieve eye fatigue, restore ciliary muscle contraction ability, adjust ciliary muscle physiological elasticity, and prevent eye diseases.


2. Eye massagers need to have unique magnetic therapy functions


Most of the high-quality wireless eye massagers have built-in high-frequency magnetic fields, which can move magnetic lines on the main acupuncture points on the face and capillaries around the eyes when in use, and special magnets emit magnetic lines to effectively achieve the effect of acupuncture and moxibustion, so that micro-currents are generated in the capillaries to achieve the functions of dredging meridians and calming the nerves;


3. Eye massagers need multi-frequency vibration function


High-quality eye and temple massagers have multi-frequency vibration function, which can drive eyeballs to move evenly and rhythmically at the same frequency, so that ciliary muscles and eyes can be effectively exercised, preventing ciliary muscles from deforming, preventing myopia, improving eyesight and eliminating eye fatigue.


33-2-intelligent eye massager

4. The eye massager needs to have music function


Music can relax people's body and mind and relieve the pressure on the brain. Most of the high-quality best electric eye massagers have music function. While doing eye massage, they listen to music close to nature, relax the brain nerves through natural physical effects, and guide the mind to return to a quiet and comfortable state, which can effectively calm the nerves and eliminate irritability and pressure.


5. Other selection methods


There are many categories of eye and face massagers in the market, and the functions, application principles and functions of different massagers are different, and the price difference is also large. According to the different application principles, there are currently five ways to eliminate visual fatigue with pure therapy head and eye massagers: intelligent pneumatic massage, magnetotherapy massager, multi-frequency vibration massage, warm hot compress and optical recovery. We recommend that you should choose according to budget and functional requirements when purchasing.


From the appearance point of view, there are two kinds of eye massagers on the market. One is a rod-shaped 4d eye massager similar to a beauty stick for women, which has a single function, and generally only has the functions of vibration, cold and hot compress. The other is eye mask, which has various functions.

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