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How to remove facial hair?

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Our face is the first place everyone sees when they see us. Most of us wish people to see ourselves without a beard. No surprise there are many methods to get rid of it: you can epilate, tweeze, wax, sugar, thread, burn, shave or bleach; use creams, lasers, IPL, electrolysis or make-up.


Surface removal methods like shaving are quick and easy, but the stubble will grow back quickly. Root removal methods like hair removal are long-lasting, but hair removal at home is troublesome and difficult to do. Epilators are easy to use, but usually bulky-not convenient for those who quickly replenish hair.


14.remove facial hair

Tips on how to hair removal


In order to make the experience as comfortable as possible, it is recommended to end in the evening. Take a bath or hot bath, starting from the legs, to the bikini area and armpits-these are the most sensitive parts of the body and may be the most uncomfortable. You need to find a sequence that suits your hair removal procedure. Take your time, relax, and make sure that the epilator you use is waterproof so that you can use it in the water.



Tips for choosing the correct method


It can remove hair and smooth the skin, but it can only last for 1-2 days. This means you need to be prepared for maintenance at any time, especially when the beard grows back.


Tips: Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation.



It can last (up to 4 weeks!) but your hair must be at least 0.5 mm long to be caught by the wax. So unfortunately, you need to let your hair grow for a few weeks before the next waxing.


Tips: If it is the first time to use, be sure to test it before using it on a large area.



It can remove hair from the roots, and it lasts for up to 4 weeks (same as waxing), but the good news is that you don’t need to wait for the hair to grow back so long! When you can remove it, the hair is shorter-0.02mm! and it is faster than tweezers.


Tips: Hold your skin tightly when you are removing hair for more comfort.


14.removal facial hair

How to get rid of facial hair – for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin.


Remove hair against the direction of growth. The automatic rotation makes it easy so you can do this with a smooth, upwards movement. Switch hand or rotation for easy adjustments.


Face parts: Upper-lip

Move slowly in a smooth movement across the upper lip.


Face parts: Sideburns and baby fluff, other areas

Trim hairs first as longer hairs hurt to remove.


Eyebrow shaping:

The facial epilator is not suitable for detailed eye brow shaping. To shape and style your arches, use a device.



Faster and more effective-better than tweezers

It can be pulled out 12,000 times per minute, which is more thorough and faster than manual tweezers. It can capture hair that is 4 times shorter than wax. The best thing is: because it can remove hair from the roots, it can make your hair fall out for up to 4 weeks, and your skin is smooth and beautiful.

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