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How to Keep the Skin Young and Firm?

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As we grow older, there are traces of years on our skin. Medical research shows that women have small wrinkles from the age of 20, and 90% of them start with their eyes. The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and its water evaporation rate is faster than that of other facial skin. At the same time, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands of the skin around the eyes are less distributed, so it is particularly easy to dry and lack of water. These factors determine that the eyes are the place most prone to aging. Generally, since the age of 20, the skin around the eyes began to decline, and gradually there were aging problems such as dark circles, edema, relaxation and so on! In addition, the dark skin and other problems have also caused trouble to people. Therefore, how to keep the skin young and firm?



92-1. mlay rf machine

Know your skin

Skin with different characteristics has different sensitivity to external damage. Oily skin has the strongest resistance to stimulation, followed by neutral skin and dry skin. Therefore, only by understanding the nature of the skin can we choose skin care products. If it is oily skin, you can use twice facial cleanser when washing your face in the morning and evening in summer. But if it is dry skin, even in summer, it is enough to use facial cleanser once every night. Frequent cleaning will cause dry skin and other problems.



Choose the right beauty instrument

With the change of people's thinking, the beauty industry began to develop rapidly. There are many beauty equipment on the market, such as professional rf skin tightening machine, 3d body slimming device,

rf mesotherapy machine and so on. The mechanical vibration of this kind of equipment 1 million times per second makes each part affected vibrate, which plays a unique role of cell massage. On this basis, it can improve the metabolic function of cells, enhance cell vitality, promote blood circulation, improve skin tissue nutrition, make skin ruddy and increase elasticity. 


The best ultrasound skin tightening machine is also very popular. The warming effect of ultrasound can make the blood circulation vigorous, reduce the exciting point of cells and produce analgesic effect by causing the changes of vascular function and metabolic process. This kind of skin tightening machine for body can relax the spasmodic skin and relieve contracture. Ultrasound can strengthen catalysis and accelerate metabolism. It can change the pH value to alkaline. It is conducive to drug penetration and can improve drug sterilization ability.


92-2.best skin tightening machine


Pay attention to eye care

When it comes to eye care, we have to mention eye care massager. It massages more than 20 acupoints around the eyes, which can strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, prevent skin aging and degradation, and make eye skin more energetic and elastic. 


In addition, the use of electric eye massager can effectively improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, enhance the metabolism of eye skin cells, make eyes bright and clear, prevent myopia and alleviate visual fatigue.



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