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How to Exfoliate Your Body to Get Smooth Skin?

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Under normal circumstances, the epidermis can complete a self-renewal in a cycle of about 28 days. The old dead skin cells on the skin surface will fall off on their own without human intervention. The occasional use of exfoliating products can indeed make the skin smoother and brighter in the short term. However, frequent long-term use will interfere with the self-renewal process of the epidermis, may destroy the skin barrier, and induce skin inflammation, sensitivity and other symptoms. In short, exfoliating from head to toe makes the skin silky smooth.


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What Is Exfoliation?


The stratum corneum is located in the outermost layer of the skin and has the function of protecting the skin and locking in moisture. The keratin that should be naturally metabolized will become unable to metabolize normally due to skin aging, incomplete cleansing, sun exposure, oil production, changes in work and rest, and changes in weather. Appropriate skin exfoliation is very important. In addition to feeling the smooth touch of the skin, skin care ingredients can be easily absorbed by the skin, thereby maintaining the skin's metabolism. Many skin problems can be more or less improved.


How to judge whether there is too much old keratin on the face? The following two signs indicate that it is time to exfoliate.


1. The skin looks a little dull, and it feels a bit rough and uneven to the touch at the same time.


2. After using the essence and cream, it feels that for a long period of time, the skin care products are floating on the skin surface and cannot be quickly absorbed by the skin.


Does exfoliating make the skin thinner? Many people have sensitive skin, and they are always worried that exfoliating will make the skin thinner and worse. In fact, as long as the skin care work of exfoliating is performed gently and correctly, the skin will never become thinner.


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How to Exfoliate Your Body?


To avoid ingrown hair, it is important to try to exfoliate regularly. This can help remove dead skin cells so that the hair grows as expected. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week about 2 days before hair removal. There are many ways to remove hair, such as surgical hair removal and laser hair removal.


Hair removal equipment is also very popular. These professional instruments mainly include laser hair removal device, epilator waxing machine, salon laser hair removal machine, etc. After hair removal, smooth skin can last up to 4 weeks. Wait a few days before exfoliating.


Obviously, exfoliating is very effective for the skin. But if you are sunburned or your skin has obvious wounds, you should push the time for exfoliation. So how to effectively exfoliate your body?


To put it simply, you first go to the bathroom to wet your body, and then polish your skin in gentle circular motions from the bottom of your feet.


Remember not to scrub too hard.


Then use a scrub or gel to exfoliate.


Apply moisturizing lotion after shower.


In addition, skin massage is one of the essential steps. This type of instrument mainly includes LED skin tightening device, skin tightening machine for face, radio frequency machine for body, wireless eye massager, etc.

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