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How often should I epilate?

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Permanent hair removal refers to two best hair removal systems, laser hair removal and IPL hair removal, but permanent hair removal is not a long-lasting effect after one treatment. So how often should the hair be removed to achieve permanent hair removal?


Permanent hair removal usually takes 4-6 times to be cleaned. This is because during permanent hair removal laser treatment, the energy is only aimed at the growth period hair (visible to the naked eye) with 90% hair removal effect. The hair of the hair follicle also has a resting period and a shedding period, and the hair in these periods cannot be completely removed during permanent hair removal.



69 permanent hair removal treatment (1)

The number of permanent hair removal is different for different parts

If you want to get smooth skin by doing hair removal laser treatment, you need to know that the number of permanent hair removal is different for each part of the body. Generally, armpit hair, leg hair, and arm hair need to be depilated with cold laser hair removal 4-6 times. For those with finer lip hair, it takes about 10 times to remove lip hair. The reason why the frequency is different is because different parts of the hair respond differently to the treatment.


In addition, the number of permanent hair removal is also determined according to the original body hair of each person. Generally, if people with more hair do permanent hair removal, it will take more times to completely solve the hair problem than ordinary people.



How often should you do hair removal

The interval between hair laser treatment is preferably 30 to 45 days, because the hair follicle is generally 30-45 days from the anagen phase to the growth phase. That is to say, after one hair removal, the hair in the growth period will fall off. But there is another non-growth period hair will not fall off, 30-45 days hair will enter the growth period from the resting period, at this time you need to do permanent hair removal treatment again to have a better hair removal effect.



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The process of permanent hair removal

1. First perform a simple hair removal. The main purpose is to remove the most basic surface hair, so that the energy of laser or photons can effectively act on the roots of the hair.

2. Next, apply the special gel for cool laser hair removal. This can reduce the pain during the operation and protect the skin from burns. It feels cold when applied.

3. Turn on the hair removal device for permanent hair removal. Hair removal usually takes 30-90 minutes, and the treatment time is determined according to the degree of hair growth of each person.

4. After treatment, wipe off the permanent hair removal gel. The ointment that assists the permanent laser hair device to work is no longer necessary. After wiping off the latex, the skin will look smoother.


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