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How long can I see the results after laser hair removal?

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There are many ways to remove hair. After the appearance of laser beauty, laser hair removal has quickly entered people's lives, because its hair removal effect is very good, and it is also liked by everyone. However, it was found from a survey that how long it takes to see the effect after advanced laser hair removal is one of the most concerned issues.


How long can I see the results after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal permanent uses the characteristics of selective photothermal therapy and uses laser light to be selectively absorbed by melanocytes in hair follicles to destroy our hair follicles for hair removal. However, safe laser hair removal is very convenient in life, and it will not harm other normal tissues around our hair follicles. When the laser passes through the surface of our skin to reach our hair follicles, it will not harm our skin. Therefore, it is very popular clinically.


How long you can see the results after cold laser hair removal depends on people's actual conditions. Because each body's constitution and hair condition is different, some people can achieve the desired result with one treatment, and some people need several times. However, every treatment can see significant results and finally reach an ideal state.



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How many times do you need to do laser hair removal?

In order to achieve a good hair removal effect, generally, 4-6 hair laser treatments are required. Single laser treatment is only effective for hair in the growth phase. The hair follicles in the resting and degenerative phases have less melanin content, and hair removal laser treatment can only be effective when these hairs enter the growth phase (which often takes 2-4 months).


Therefore, laser treatment requires multiple treatments to achieve the desired effect, and the interval between each treatment needs to be determined according to the specific situation of each person after treatment, generally 1-2 months is appropriate.


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Clinically, some people will still grow new hair after 6 laser treatments. At this time, it is necessary to decide whether to continue hair removal treatment according to the state of the newly grown hair. If the new hair is as thick as before and the color is darker, then the treatment needs to be continued. After all, everyone has a different physical constitution, and some people's hair is relatively "stubborn".

If these newborn hairs are like villi, the color is very light, and it is not easy to find if you do not observe carefully, then it is no need to continue laser treatment for hair removal. Because such hairs have low melanin content and poor response to laser, so it is of little significance to continue the treatment, and there is no need to worry about the problem of increased and thickening of rebound hair will occur.


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