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How does laser hair removal work?

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Body hair is an inevitable fact in life, and solemnly declare that it is 100% normal, but sometimes you want to get rid of it. Shaving is simple, but the hair grows quickly, while waxing and sugaring last longer, but more painful. More and more people use laser hair removal as an alternative and permanent solution.


Complete hair removal is a challenge. I think this treatment should be called "laser hair reduction" instead of body laser hair removal, because complete hair removal may not be possible. As the hair gets thinner, it becomes more difficult to remove it completely. In other words, this treatment is very effective-although somewhat expensive and time-consuming. But new home appliances are already on the market, and you can get a similar effect in a comfortable bathroom.



15.home laser hair removal

The light emitted by laser hair removal therapy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Light energy is converted into heat energy, causing permanent damage and destruction to hair follicles. Although it may not remove hair forever, the hair that grows out is usually thinner and less noticeable. Home appliances use a similar, lower-intensity technology called IPL hair removal, or intense pulsed light, so they can work and it's safe for you to use.


However, it is important to read the instructions and small print carefully. In the home laser equipment has made considerable progress, although they are not on par with office treatments. Some devices are good, but for lasers, it is very important to realize that some devices are not compatible with certain skin types.


15.laser hair removal home


Is home hair removal equipment safe for people of all skin tones?


Burns may occur. Doubling an area will not speed up the results. Since this technology is aimed at melanin, which is the pigment in our skin and hair, many devices will not work on dark skin and light hair. If your skin has more pigment, it may confuse the laser. This may cause potential dark spots or bright spots on the skin as a side effect.


Those with dark skin, frankly, anyone who wants to be extra careful, can take extra precautions to prevent skin damage. Choose FDA-approved equipment and conduct patch testing, because it is very important to remember that not everyone responds the same. People with darker skin tones 5-6 (Fitzpatrick's standard) should minimize the use of IPL equipment. If you decide to do so, be very careful. Finally, don't forget to take care of your skin after each treatment. After using the laser, be sure to apply moisturizer to help moisturize and repair the skin barrier.


Whether you want to start from scratch, or want to polish or maintain professional treatment, these are the best equipment to get the job done. Light pulse technology is gentler than most technologies and is safe and effective for all skin tones. This device uses a diode laser to aim at the hair roots. This laser phone is small enough to fit the skin contours of the underarms, bikini area and even the face. This is a good choice because when you turn it on, it will not start working unless it detects that it is safe for your skin and hair type.

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