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How do you use an at-home laser hair removal device?

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First of all, laser hair removal is a process in which light is irradiated on your skin in small pulses, aiming at and heating the hair follicles, and each treatment will destroy a part of the hair follicles. Compared with office therapy, the energy output of home laser hair removal equipment is much lower, which makes it safer to use by yourself.


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Is laser hair removal safe at home?

Although there are indeed potential side effects, household appliances are generally safe. If you are using a household body laser device, do not use it on sensitive areas, such as your face, neck, breasts or bikinis. First perform a patch test on a smaller area, and then wait three to four weeks to make sure there are no complications.


Please read the instructions first. It is important to know that some types of laser hair removal are not suitable for all skin tones, because not all lasers can correctly distinguish between dark hair follicles and dark skin, which may burn you. A good rule of thumb? To be on the safe side, talk to your dermatologist before you try any home laser equipment-this is your skin after all.


4.home laser hair removal device

How to use home laser hair removal equipment?


Remember, you need to read the instructions carefully before starting treatment. Every device is different, but it’s best to keep the following in mind.


First shave your skin with a new razor. You want to be clean, dry, without any lotions or creams. This will help ensure that your device can reach your hair follicles easily and directly.


Do a skin patch test before the large area treatment. Starting with a small piece of skin and waiting for three to four weeks is the safest way to ensure that you will not have adverse reactions.


Start with the lowest energy setting and then gradually increase. It takes several stages to truly master your equipment, so start slowly and low to avoid errors and/or irritation.


Be patient. Laser hair removal does not work overnight-it requires multiple treatments over several weeks to see maximum hair loss. Patience is the key.


Okay, now let’s talk about the real purpose of your coming here. Read on for the best home laser hair removal equipment.



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