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Have you ever done facial hair removal?

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Facial hair removal is a project that many girls are particularly interested in. If the hair on the face is too long, it will not only affect the appearance, but also make it easier to separation. So what method is generally used for permanent facial hair removal for women?



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What method is used for facial hair removal?

A better method for facial hair removal is laser hair removal. The safety of this method is relatively high, because the thermal energy of the laser is small, and if the strict operation can be regulated, it will generally not cause burns and irritation to the skin. The principle of operation is to use the heat energy of the laser to act on the hair follicle tissue. After the hair follicle is heated, it will gradually lose its activity, which will inhibit the growth of hair and achieve the purpose of hair removal. After the treatment, the face of beauty lovers becomes more clean and smooth. Laser treatment for hair removal is relatively clean, and generally can maintain a relatively stable effect. But beauty seekers should cooperate with the nursing work to be more secure.



Is laser facial hair removal safe?

Generally, it is safe for beauty lovers to use facial laser hair removal in a regular beauty salon. At present, laser hair removal is a relatively advanced method that uses special light waves to perform laser hair removal. This method can effectively treat the hair roots of the face, and can achieve a better hair removal effect, and the hair is not easy to grow again after the operation. In addition, because the hair removal device uses light waves for processing, scarring is not easy to appear, and the stimulation to the face will be relatively small. Generally, you can go out on the day when you do the hair laser treatment, and you can apply makeup within three days. As long as you pay attention to facial care after the operation, there is nothing to worry.



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Is a good use to usefacial hair removal?

Generally choose to do permanent facial hair removal, which can make people's faces look more flat and smooth. Moreover, the effect is relatively natural, and the maintenance time is relatively long. In addition, the entire operation process is relatively simple, and generally does not affect the normal life and work of those people. What's more, facial hair removal device technology is mature and safe, which does not damage the skin of people.



Facial hair removal care methods

1. Ice compress: After facial hair laser treatment, you can use an ice pack to apply ice for 10-15 minutes.

2. Protection: Avoid getting water, rubbing, and sauna on the treatment site that day.

3. Diet: It is forbidden to eat spicy and irritating food.

4. Sunscreen: Pay more attention to sunscreen to avoid sunburn and cause pigmentation.

5. Skin care: you can use repair products, whitening products are prohibited. It is recommended to apply aloe vera gel to the treated area twice a day within one week after each face hair removal laser treatment. Scratching is prohibited for dry itching.

6. Cleaning: Pay attention to the cleanliness of the depilated area.

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