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Does the eye massager have side effects?

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We often say that eyes are the window of the soul, which shows the importance of eyes to us. Nowadays, many people use their eyes excessively, which leads to some problems in their eyes. For the protection of eyes, we suggest that you should pay attention to the care of your eyes in daily life. Some friends like to use best eye massagers to maintain their eyes. Do eye massagers have side effects?



32-1-vibrating eye massager

Benefits of eye massager:


1. Press


The under eye massager simulates massage by a masseur, and performs full-pressure massage on the whole eye acupuncture points, especially temple massage, which can effectively improve dizziness. When people use their brains continuously for a long time, their temples often feel heavy pressure or pain, which is the signal of brain fatigue. At this time, the effect of using eye care massager will be very significant. Temples are mainly used for correction of headache, redness, swelling and pain, dizziness, astringency, toothache and trigeminal neuralgia. Massage the temples can also give the brain a benign stimulus, relieve fatigue, invigorate the spirit, relieve pain and refresh the mind, and continue to keep attention. Eye massager is not only good for eyes, but also effective for relaxing and refreshing brain.


2. Vibration


The electric eye massager adopts multi-frequency vibration design, with a vibration frequency of 20-100HZ, simulating the technique of traditional Chinese medicine, producing limp and numb effect and dredging meridians. Moderate intensity massage can achieve the adjustment atmosphere of traditional Chinese medicine.


3. Magnetic therapy


The standard magnetic flux produced by several neodymium magnets is 600-800GS, which can penetrate 3mm under the skin, and the N. S poles are arranged in a staggered way to form a microcirculation magnetic field. The vibrating eye massager can effectively improve the microcirculation of the eyes and brain, effectively eliminate eye fatigue, promote blood circulation, fully relax the brain nerve, and have a good curative effect on poor sleep and insomnia.


Best eye massager for dark circles is the most mainstream and core product of eye massage at present, and has the best comprehensive performance. The core features of eye massager are whether to press acupoints accurately, fit with face, temperature control of hot compress, and wearing comfort (influenced by shape, weight, fit and noise), so the above factors must be considered when choosing heated eye massager.



32-2-vibrating eye massager

Usage time of eye massager:


The use time of the mini eye massager is suggested to be three to five minutes every day, which can effectively improve the microcirculation of eye tissu. Eye closure for three to five minutes each time can fully relax eyeballs and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure. Magnetic field has good sedative effect, and eye massager for dry eyes can fully relax nerves when worn for five to ten minutes before going to bed every night.


We suggest that you should pay great attention to the health of your eyes in daily life. Once there is any problem with your eyes, you should be treated in time. Eye massager is a kind of instrument to maintain your eyes. So appropriate use of head and eye massager has no side effects.

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