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Do you use beauty equipment at home?

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I believe I have noticed that with the current social technology and development, more and more people who love beauty are pursuing a more beautiful self. Then why do you always have RF photon beauty device and EMS face tightening machine at home?


Many people who love beauty pursue not only beauty but also the best physical fitness. Therefore, the business of fitness venues and beauty salons has always been got virus. You need to spend a lot of time and money if you choose complex cosmetic surgery for the services provided by the beauty salon. Therefore, many people like to choose less invasive methods at home to improve their skin and delay the signs of aging.


87- led skin tightening device

Everyone knows that the skin is the most vulnerable organ. The quality of a person's skin also determines whether a person's appearance is good. If we do not go through the treatments and plastic surgery in the beauty salon, what can we do to delay aging? There is only one way to do this. You ought to buy carer RF machine and EMS beauty equipment to do skincare at home.


The operation of RF skin machine and EMS beauty instruments is not as complicated as you think, and it is simple and effective. The following is a brief introduction to the role of RF beauty machine and EMS beauty instruments.


The function of the radio frequency beauty device is to enhance skin firming, wrinkle removal, and face-lifting. In 2-6 months after treatment, collagen will gradually proliferate and reorganize, so that sagging or sagging skin can be tightened and tightened in many ways. Surpass and replace the laser, IPL (color light, photon). RF radio frequency technology is used to fill up wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster, dissolve fat, and slimming.


87-1-RF skin machine

The mlay radio frequency face lift device mainly heats the beauty positioning tissue, and then while taking cooling measures on the skin surface, it promotes the contraction and tightening of subcutaneous collagen. The dermis is heated while the epidermis maintains a normal temperature. At this time, there will be two reactions. One is that the dermis layer of the skin becomes thicker and wrinkles follow, and the other is that the wrinkles become lighter and then disappear. Secondly, the form of subcutaneous collagen is reshaped to produce new collagen, and the skin generally becomes firmer after one treatment.


On the other hand, the radio frequency skin tightening machine for home use and EMS mode is also called microcurrent. Its main function is to relax muscle spasms, increase exercise volume, reduce and prevent muscle atrophy, increase local blood circulation and muscle retraining. Then use a weak current to stimulate the muscles and lymph, contract the muscles, and achieve the effect of reducing edema, lifting, and tightening. When you are using RF machine for face and body, the touch of the microneedle indicates that the current has passed through the skin, affecting the muscle layer. When you use it again, you can feel the muscles shaking. Therefore, mlay RF beauty instrument is especially suitable for people who stay up late, have poor rest, are prone to facial swelling, and have signs of aging.

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