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Do you trust RF beauty instrument?

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RF beauty is the hottest beauty project at present, and women are most afraid of aging. RF home radio frequency skin tightening is wrinkle-removing and anti-aging, especially for collagen. The frequency of radio frequency is very high, and human tissue is a conductor. When the radio frequency current of rf machine for face and body passes through the tissue through the human body, the resistance of the tissue to radio frequency waves causes the charged ions or molecules in the tissue (dermis) to oscillate rapidly, which generates heat energy, and its energy can directly reach the dermis. When the skin comes into contact with the energy generated by radio frequency, the temperature of dermal layer rises, and collagen will be heated and shortened.


Generally speaking, the fibroblasts in dermal layer are affected by heat energy, thinking that they are "burned", which starts the self-healing function. At this time, collagen in skin starts to increase and recombines with elastin, which makes skin regain its vitality. The visual effect is that the skin tightens, wrinkles become shallow, and the skin looks younger.



37-1-home radio frequency skin tightening

Eight functions of RF beauty instrument:


1. Skin tightening machine for home use can treat enlarged pores and shrink pores.


2. It can promote skin metabolism.


3. Activate collagen cells and improve skin.


4. Take effect quickly and smooth wrinkles quickly.


5. RF facial mesotherapy electroporation can increase skin elasticity.


6. It can treat acne.


7. RF skin tightening device at home is used to remove wrinkles, which has little trauma and can go to work as usual after treatment.


8. RF beauty has a wide application range and is suitable for various skins.



37-2-home radio frequency skin tightening

Is the RF beauty safe?


RF beauty is safe. Best radio frequency skin tightening machine locates the tissue to heat, which promotes the contraction and tension of subcutaneous collagen. At the same time, cooling measures are taken on the skin surface. The dermis layer is heated and the epidermis keeps normal temperature. At this time, two reactions will occur: First, the dermis layer of the skin becomes thicker, and wrinkles will become shallower or disappear; Second, the subcutaneous collagen is reshaped to produce new collagen.



Matters needing attention in RF beauty instrument:


Pregnant women should follow the doctor's instructions to use skin tightening machine professional; Can not be used in eyeball, Adam's apple, bone and joint; Plastic parts, such as implants; Patients with heart disease, especially those who use pacemakers; Apply sufficient pressure during treatment; While nursing, make the massage head stick to the skin; Please keep your face moist when using the ion function.



Is the RF beauty effective?


The principle of RF skin tightening led device is to make dermis layer heated, make collagen grow, and flatten wrinkles. Our skin has the ability to grow and repair itself. After skin injury, the ability to grow and repair is thousands of times faster than usual. The same is true for collagen. When it reaches 45-60 degrees within a certain period of time, it will stimulate the secretion of new collagen. This is based on science, and best face tightening machine is the most ideal wrinkle removing instrument at present.



Who is not fit to use RF beauty instrument?


1. Pregnancy or lactation;


2. Patients with electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers cant use RF anti aging led skin tightening device;


3. There are injuries, inflammations, etc.


4. There is filler on the face;


5. Patients with severe heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

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