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Do you know you have strawberry legs?

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When you find black spots on your legs, similar to the dot or concave appearance of strawberry skin and seeds, you may have strawberry legs. The cause of strawberry legs is acne, which is mainly caused by oil, bacteria, and death. The skin is composed of hair follicles or clogged pores exposed after shaving. When air touches the oil inside, it will oxidize and become black, forming strawberry legs.


Strawberry legs generally have several characteristics. For example, when there are spots or dents on the skin of your legs, the pores on the legs turn black, brown or black spots appear on the legs after shaving, or you experience itching or crusting at this time. Then you are very likely to suffer from strawberry legs.


73-1-epilate leg hair

What is the reason for the formation of strawberry legs? There are several reasons. Firstly, you may use an old, dull razor or shaving without shaving cream. Secondly, The skin on the legs generally contains thousands of pores. Once clogged by bacteria, dead skin, and debris, it will oxidize and turn black when exposed to the air. Thirdly, when you come into contact with bacteria, yeast, and fungi, your hair follicles are infected, so that they develop into scabs that are not easy to heal, which can lead to strawberry legs. Fourth, seasonal keratosis pilaris occurs more frequently in winter. Generally speaking, people who swim frequently will suffer from keratosis pilaris. Because the swimming pool water contains chemicals, it can dry out the skin.


So if you have a strawberry leg, how should you treat it? First, you can treat it with home care. First, you need to use moisturizing shaving lotion or cream to moisturize your skin. Or you will think epilator is painful. When shaving after epilating, you must be careful and use an flawless legs epilator and depilatory cream to epilate leg hair.


Second, you need to exfoliate regularly. Because after removing the dead skin on the legs, new hair is easier to grow out.


Third, you can use over-the-counter products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid.


73-2-epilator permanent hair removal

If the above methods are useless, you ought to achieve professional permanent hair removal laser treatment. First, the use of low-level electricity to identify irritated hair follicles is called electrolysis for short. Second, you can epilator permanent hair removal with laser treatment. The price of hair removal laser or permanent hair laser removal cost is expensive, but it can treat multiple hair follicles at once. The full body hair removal laser treatment process takes three to seven times to achieve permanent laser hair reduction. Third, if you are suffering from folliculitis, your doctor will recommend some prescription treatments for you, including oral antibiotics and antibiotic creams or gels. If you have folliculitis due to a fungal infection, your doctor will give you antifungal shampoo, cream, or oral antifungal medication. 

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