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Do you know the role of RF beauty?

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We must say that best at home skin tightening devices 2020 is skin tightening device. Radiofrequency cosmetology mainly uses radiofrequency cosmetology, promoting the contraction and tightening of subcutaneous collagen. At the same time, cooling measures are taken on the skin surface. The dermis is heated while the epidermis maintains a normal temperature. At this time, two reactions will occur: one is the skin dermis. As it becomes thicker, wrinkles become shallower or disappear; second, the form of subcutaneous collagen is reshaped to produce new collagen, which becomes firmer after one treatment with skin tightening machine for home use. General experts recommend three to four treatments at intervals of two to four weeks. After the treatment is over, maintenance is required every other year. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.


82-2-full body hair removal laser

When your skin becomes more and more sagging and dark spots gradually appear because of your age, you will thank modern therapies, you can reduce your face with RF facial tightening Wrinkles. Radio frequency skin tightening machine can remove deep wrinkles and mild to moderate skin sagging, such as forehead lines, brow lines, crow's feet, nasolabial lines, nasolabial folds, perioral wrinkles, neck wrinkles, etc., especially for the forehead The effect of transverse striae and periorbital wrinkles is good. It can also remove double jaws and reduce muscular calf shaping, masseter hypertrophy, and face-lifting. It can also remove stretch marks and other atrophic lines.


First of all, since people are 25 years old, they will lose 1% to 2% of natural collagen every year. As a result, there will be sagging between the nose and mouth, eye bags under and above the eyes, and eyebrows sagging, but the radio frequency beauty instrument can Help you restore facial contours, allowing you to regain youthful skin.


82-3-RF device for skin

Then, in the process of using the face tightening machine, you will find that your fine lines gradually fade. And your face has gradually improved, because professional RF skin tightening machine can produce new collagen and elastin in the body, making your skin firmer and firmer. Of course, this is the result that needs to be persisted all the time. So why does it have this effect? Because hyaluronic acid works with collagen and elastin and combines water molecules, it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look fuller.


So when does RF professional skin tightening machine work? Generally, according to the condition of your skin and content which is communicating with you for 20-45 minutes, you will be promoting the RF device for skin. You can continue to work because the whole process is easy and painless. You may even fall asleep because of being too comfortable.

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