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Do you know the benefits of RF and EMS beauty equipment?

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Generally speaking, RF home face tightening machine and EMS are a low-level current, and micro-current is a low-level current, which can stimulate the face by sending soft electric waves to the facial muscles through the skin and tissues.


EMS uses micro currents to stimulate muscle movement and accelerate the synthesis of facial collagen. When using microcurrent, conductive glue should be used as the medium. The function of the gel is to introduce microcurrents into the human body. Under normal circumstances, the human body cannot feel the current introduced into the human body. On the contrary, it feels more tingling, indicating that the electric current does not directly enter the human body, but bounces back on the surface of the human skin, thereby generating electric current. The micro-current experience feels very subtle, usually wearing braces and a small number of metal implants will not affect normal use.


86-1-RF beauty device

EMS radio frequency beauty, mainly uses weak current to stimulate muscles and lymph to contract muscles to reduce edema and lift tightness, but what are the hidden advantages of micro-currents? You may not know. Human aging is divided into several steps. The first thing that appears is not wrinkles, but "collapse, sagging" of the skin. Wrinkles originate from the folds of the dermis. After the loss of collagen and elastin, the skin will partially collapse and appear sunken, forming real wrinkles. For example, face-lift surgery involves folding and repositioning the fascia to achieve anti-aging effects.


There is also the function of importing RF facial machine for home use and EMS microcurrent. The import function can import skincare products and targeted anti-aging essence to reach the deep layer of the skin and be more effective. The function of the EMS anti aging skin tightening device micro-current is to open the skin surface channels and accelerate the absorption of nutrients.


86-2-RF beauty device

I believe everyone knows that most of the benefits of RF face tightening machine at home and EMS beauty equipment are about beauty, but in fact, the benefits of RF skin rejuvenation massager and EMS beauty equipment are far more than that. Radio frequency beauty instrument and EMS beauty equipment can also bring many benefits to the people who use it.


First of all, this beautiful instrument will help you when you are plan to look slimmer or healthier.


Next, RF mesotherapy machine and EMS beauty equipment can help you exercise muscles. When you use RF and EMS, you send electrical pulses to the muscles, which can contract and relax the muscles. And your muscles will quickly strengthen.


Then, anyone who has used RF body skin tightening machine and EMS beauty equipment knows that this treatment method is better than traditional methods. The prerequisite is that you have to stick to the use of beauty equipment, a healthy diet, and good work and rest. This is to lay a solid foundation for your health.


After reading this article, do you still think that RF and EMS beauty instruments are only for beauty? It also includes exercising your body and increasing your energy. For more relevant information, you can log on to this website https://www.mlayn.com/, there are more beauty instruments for you to choose from.

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