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Do you know the RF beauty device?

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With the passage of time, facing the aging face, women can't wait to turn back the years and the clock. When the skin begins to show signs of relaxation, it reminds you that you need to take good care of it. If it is not solved in time, wrinkles will follow. RF beauty device, as a technology of micro-shaping, can improve skin relaxation and make skin firm and smooth again.



34-2-rf beauty device

Principle of RF beauty instrument


RF skin tightening device sends out radio waves to enter subcutaneous tissue, which makes the natural resistance movement of subcutaneous tissue generate heat energy. It is based on the principle that collagen fibers in dermis will contract immediately at 55-70℃.


In addition, it has two functions of lifting skin and promoting collagen regeneration. Collagen produces immediate contraction, and at the same time, it stimulates dermis to secrete more new collagen fibers for regeneration, thus supporting the skin scaffold again, increasing the thickness and density of skin dermis, filling wrinkles and improving relaxation. The effect of one process of radio frequency skin tightening machine is maintained for 2-3 years.


The heat generated by RF skin tightening devices for home use reaches the dermis due to the natural reaction of tissue impedance to RF current, while the laser uses the heat generated by light energy to act on the specific color base in the target. According to the data of WHO, the repair of damage of any system of human body is the repair without cell repair elements.


The temperature distribution produced by radio frequency machine for face and body is related to skin impedance. Cells are the basic unit of life activities. All metabolic activities are based on cells. All life activities are based on cells. Both digestion and absorption cannot be separated from cells.



34-1-rf beauty device

RF beauty adapts to the crowd


1. RF beauty instrument is suitable for deep wrinkles and mild to moderate skin relaxation: transverse forehead, brow, fishtail, transverse nasal root, nasolabial groove, perioral and neck wrinkles, especially for transverse forehead and periorbital wrinkles;


2. Remove double jaws;


3. Radio frequency skinny muscles: used for shaping muscular calves and hypertrophy of masseter muscles;


4. RF professional skin tightening machine can also be used for shrinking lines such as stretch marks;


5. Skin firming after liposuction.


Tip: When you irradiate the skin with RF face tightening machine, it can penetrate the epidermis and heat the dermis. Collagen fibers will shrink and recover their elasticity after being heated, thus making the dermis return to a firm and tight state. Therefore, we should pay attention to avoid using collagen. If you use it before and after using the best home skin tightening machine, it will cause excessive accumulation of collagen fibers supplemented by the outside world and released internally under the skin, which will lead to large-scale malignant hyperplasia of sweat glands, nerves, tissues and cuticle in the skin, and at the same time, some adverse reactions such as subcutaneous necrosis, spots and redness will also occur, thus failing to restore the elasticity of the skin in time.


In a word, young people's faces are full and shiny, full of youthful vitality, and aging faces are shriveled and dull. RF face tightening device uses high-tech to repair skin collagen and achieve the effect of beauty treatment.

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