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Do you know anything about household hair remover?

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For every exquisite girl, the biggest project in summer is hair removal. However, each person has different tricks in how to remove hair. In the past two years, the most popular hair removal method is the ipl hair removal for women. There are so many hair removal methods, why choose a household hair removal instrument?



25-1-felix ipl hair removal

Comparison of different depilation methods:


Anyone who has used a hair shaver knows that it will grow after shaving, and the longer it is, the faster it will be. Many people with vigorous hair will spend a lot of time and energy on hair removal, and it is easy to scratch, especially when they are in a hurry, and it is easy to draw that kind of small wound. Although it is not very painful, it is not very comfortable. In addition, the shaver has another problem, that is, the blade is really easy to become dull. If you don't change the blade for a period of time, it is easier to get stuck. The feeling is not like shaving, but plucking.


The main problem of depilatory cream is allergy. The principle of most depilatory creams in the market mainly depends on thioglycolic acid (a chemical agent) to dissolve the hair structure, so it is inevitable to have irritation. Its hair removal cycle is very short, and it will irritate the skin when used frequently, especially for people with sensitive skin. On the whole, depilatory cream is too limited.


Compared with hospitals, the benefits of domestic top ipl laser hair removals are many. Operating at home is simple, easy and usable for life. Although the energy is not comparable to that of hospital laser, it is enough and less painful. As long as it is used continuously, the effect is not worse than that of hospital best home laser hair removal for genital area. Moreover, it is easy to control the intensity of hair removal and relieve discomfort. For some shy people, the household hair removal instrument also solves the embarrassment that they don't want to go to the hospital, so the household ipl stand for hair removal has become a popular hair removal method in the past two years.



25-2-felix ipl hair removal

Matters needing attention of household hair removal instrument


Before using a household entil hair removal, you must pay attention to shaving first, and it is best to shave as short as possible. Because only in this way can the energy of the household hair removal instrument act on the hair follicles in the skin more smoothly, if the household felix ipl hair removal is used directly without shaving, the hair removal effect will be greatly discounted.


Care must be taken not to use the household ipl bikini hair removal after exposure. Because after exposure to the sun, melanin will be found in our hair follicles and skin chromocytes, which may activate superficial pigmentation, and more easily lead to darker skin color or pigmentation. Hair removal is best done in spring or winter, because the skin is fair without being tanned. At this time, using affordable laser hair removal at home can play a role in the melanin of hair follicles, which is more targeted.


When you use the full body ipl hair removal, you must pay attention to strengthening the sun protection, because it can prevent the laser hair removal from blackening due to pigment deposition. If you need to go out, you should wear long trousers, cover the hair removal parts, and apply sunscreen or use a sun umbrella to avoid exposing the top rated ipl hair removal parts to the sun. In addition, be careful not to swim outdoors in summer, because the ultraviolet rays in the water are more intense, which is more likely to lead to anti-black after hair removal.

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