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Do you have wrinkles?

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Many women are particularly concerned about whether their wrinkles have grown out. If you search the Internet, you will find a lot of interesting questions, such as: Does laughing make wrinkles? Does staying up late cause wrinkles? Can eye cream remove wrinkles? Can pulsed light hair removal remove wrinkles? As age continues to increase, wrinkles are essential if you do not pay attention to maintenance. We can reduce wrinkles as much as possible through the advice of some experts.


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First, you need to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, and then wear sunscreen clothing, and insist on using an umbrella whether it is sunny or rainy. Because this can protect you from the appearance of wrinkles, and it also teaches skin cancer. When you go out, you need to avoid sunlight as much as possible. I believe you have seen two pictures of a female driver driving outside the door all year round. The left face is often exposed to sunlight, and the right face is in the shade for more than ten years. After that, when she was only 40 years old, her left face felt like her 60-year-old face. And when you are away from home, try not to squint your eyes when you can't see things far away. If the sun is too strong, you need to prepare a pair of sunglasses. Of course, if you can't see clearly because of myopia, we recommend that you wear a pair of glasses that suit you. Because squinting can lead to excessive use of facial muscles, a groove is formed under the surface of the skin, which will eventually become wrinkles.


Second, you follow a normal daily routine, which includes not smoking. Because many studies have shown that cigarette smoke can age the skin. In addition, you need to get enough sleep, you will produce more human growth hormone, thus making the skin more elastic. When sleeping, try to sleep with your head up, because the American Academy of Dermatology has emphasized that sleeping on your side can also increase wrinkles on your cheeks and chin.


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Third, you need to eat more fish and soybeans. Fish contains a lot of protein and fatty acids, fatty acids can maintain the elasticity of your skin, especially salmon. In the case of soybeans, soybeans are very common in our daily lives, and the price is relatively cheap, which makes the diet more balanced. A balanced diet must ensure adequate daily intake of milk and beans. Soybeans are rich in lysine, which can make up for the lack of lysine in cereals, and are rich in vitamins B1 and B2.


Fourth, you also need to eat more vegetables and fruits, because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidant compounds, which can help the skin look younger.


When you want to reduce wrinkles through some medical treatment, we suggest you handheld ipl laser hair removal, ipl shr laser, baivon hair removal, home pulsed light lescolton, ipl pubic hair and painless permanent hair removal. Photon skin rejuvenation technology performs non-exfoliating skin rejuvenation treatment under low energy density. In short, a strong light source is used to improve photo-aged skin. Real body laser hair removal does not only improves wrinkles but also improves skin texture and irregular pigmentation. And average price for laser hair removal and full face laser hair removal cost are high.

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