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Do you believe in RF beauty?

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Why is the household rf skin tightening machine for sale associated with the concept of IQ tax? Because it is true that many companies are misleading customers with the concept of home beauty instruments, such as LED phototherapy masks. After personally using and deeply understanding almost all the mainstream home beauty instruments in the market, I am very responsible to say that hair removal instrument and RF body skin tightening machine are the most effective home beauty instruments at present.


The reasons are as follows: in 2002, FDA officially approved radio frequency beauty machine for improving facial wrinkles. In 1920, Lakhovsky proposed that living cells are a complete circuit, which became the theoretical basis of radio frequency for biological treatment. In November 2002, FDA officially approved that radio frequency can be used to improve wrinkles around eyes. Hundreds of professional clinical effects prove that household RF beauty instrument can obviously improve facial wrinkles. According to the research results of Radio Frequency in Cosmetic Dermatology, as long as the dermal layer can reach 44 degrees, it can promote the regeneration of fibrin and other cells.



39-1-skin tightening device for face

Principle of RF beauty instrument:


The core principle of best radiofrequency device for skin tightening is "selective electrothermal effect". When electromagnetic waves with specific frequency pass through epidermis to dermis, they will resonate strongly with cell molecules. The heat energy generated by resonance heats dermal collagen. When the temperature reaches 44℃, the existing atrophic fibers can be broken and recombined to complete reconstruction, so that the skin can recover firmness and elasticity and reduce wrinkles.



39-2-skin tightening device for face

How to choose a reliable RF beauty instrument?


A good skin tightening device for face needs to effectively lift and tighten the skin after use. It is safe to use without scalding and dissolving fat, and easy to use without tiring hands. To return to the technical level of rf mesotherapy machine, we need to meet the following requirements: accurate RF position, sufficient energy, intelligent temperature control and simple design.


Accurate position: depending on RF head design+RF frequency


Collagen can be reconstructed only when RF energy is applied to dermis layer, while collagen can not be reconstructed only when it is applied to epidermis, and scald will be caused when it is applied to fat layer.


Have enough energy


Only when enough RF energy of radio frequency beauty instrument acts on dermal layer can we accumulate enough heat to rebuild collagen. RF energy mainly depends on RF frequency, but RF frequency determines RF energy and greatly affects RF depth. The higher the frequency, the greater the energy but the shallower the depth of action, so the frequency selection can only be a balanced scheme. At present, the commonly used 1Mhz frequency in the market is a classic one, and it is also feasible to select some 90khz-2Mhz, depending on the matching electrode design.


Temperature control should be intelligent


Collagen reconstruction by radio frequency mainly relies on millions of electrode oscillations per second to generate heat energy. If it is not controlled, the temperature can reach above 60℃. Although multipolar radio frequency of best radio frequency machine for face and body can not directly act on the fat layer, the heat accumulation may be transferred to the fat layer, resulting in the problem of fat dissolution with household radio frequency instrument mentioned by some people. Therefore, intelligent temperature control is the safety bottom line of a portable radio frequency face lift device, and if not, it should not be considered at all.


Easy to use


After years of development, the appearance, shape and weight of the generator are not much different, and it is quite simple that the function and interaction are consistent. The main difference lies in whether the rf led facial instrument is clean and can be used wirelessly.

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