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Difference between intense pulsed light and laser hair remover

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If you want to build a smooth and beautiful skin and don't want to struggle with hair removal for so long, then you can start with an ipl pubic hair removal, which will be done once and for all. But how to choose the hair removal instrument? Let's take a look at the difference between intense pulsed light and laser hair removal instrument.



22-1-portable ipl hair removal

Difference between intense pulsed light and laser hair removal:


1. The ipl treatment hair removal emits light with different wavelengths, which cannot be concentrated into a light wave. Therefore, the pertinence and penetrating power are not as strong and deep as those of laser, and the effect of removing thick hair is relatively weakened.


2. The best at home laser hair removal for face emits a single specific wavelength energy pulse width, which passes through the skin layer and directly reaches the melanin in the hair follicle at the hair root, which can directly penetrate the light energy into the specific hair root, destroy the hair follicle target more pertinently, and avoid hurting the surrounding tissues.


When choosing a painless permanent hair removal, we should pay attention to these aspects: energy, wavelength, light output speed, use times and aperture density.



22-2-portable ipl hair removal

Characteristics of intense pulsed light and laser:


1. Laser: the most effective at home laser hair removal is generally used by professional medical and aesthetic hospitals, but the household hair removal instrument is not commonly used, because its biggest feature is that the laser hair removal is very painful and its safety performance is relatively low.


2. IPL: intense pulsed light and photon portable ipl hair removal can close abnormal pigment, destroy hair follicle, stimulate collagen regeneration and other skin beautifying effects after irradiating skin. It is used for whitening, removing spots and tightening skin. Nowadays, it is used by domestic ipl light hair removal, which can remove body hair and also play a role in skin rejuvenation.


Fundamentally speaking, both laser and intense pulsed light hair removers can generate photothermal power, which can be fully absorbed by melanin in hair follicles, thus causing damage to hair follicles and finally stopping hair growth.



How to use the hair removal instrument?


1. Clean the skin before hair removal


Clean the skin before hair removal. Before hair removal, we should clean the skin parts that need hair removal and make the skin dry before we can start using the best affordable ipl hair removal, so as to make the hair removal instrument play a good role and make the hair be removed more cleanly.


2. Apply body lotion after hair removal


Soothes the skin in time after depilation. After using the best cheap ipl hair removal, we'd better rinse the skin with warm water, dry it in time, and apply soothing body lotion or toner, which can make the skin less sensitive, thus causing skin allergy and stinging.


3. Pay attention to sun protection after hair removal


Because after exposure to the sun, melanin exists in our hair follicles and skin chromocytes, which may activate superficial pigmentation, and more easily lead to darker skin color or pigmentation. Therefore, the best choice for using skin ipl hair removal is in autumn or winter, because the skin is fair without being tanned.

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