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Difference Between Laser and IPl

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In recent years, under the influence of "beauty economy", people's pursuit of beauty has been upgraded. According to the data, in 2020, 94.6% of the medical beauty group in China chose hair removal. At the same time, considering the cost performance of consumers, hair removal device is gradually popular, from the original niche to the mass. Nowadays, hair removal instrument products emerge in endlessly on the market. So, what is the difference between laser hair removal and ipl hair removal?


99-1. laser hair removal for dark skin

Different principle

Although the hair removal mechanism of laser and IPL is similar, ipl is not laser. IPL is a light source with high intensity, wide spectrum and discontinuity. Its light wavelength ranges from 420nm to 1200nm. It is also called photon, color light, opt and so on. It was first used in the clinical treatment of some pigmented skin lesions, and then began to be used in the field of beauty. Ipl treatment hair removal is called the most versatile technology category in the field of photoelectric beauty. Different light parameter settings can be adopted for different treatments. For example, 640nm intense pulsed light is often used for hair removal, 420nm can improve acne, 480nm can improve spots, 560nm can enhance skin elasticity, and 590nm can improve red blood filaments. 


In terms of parameters, the laser machine for home use is generally semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 810nm. Laser is a single wavelength, with relatively higher and more concentrated energy. The best wavelength range of intense pulsed light hair removal is 680nm-1200nm. The closer it is to this value, the better the effect.


99-2.ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation device


Shape difference

In terms of appearance, the light outlet of laser hair removal for dark skin is very small. For example, the light outlet of some laser hair removal instruments is a small circle. The laser is emitted from the built-in semiconductor laser and belongs to near-infrared light. When it is close to the skin, there is less spilled red light and less irritation to the eyes. Ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation device is generally a square large lamp cap, and there are filters of different wavelengths in different lamp caps. IPL is a strong light emitted by ionizing the inert gas (xenon) in the lamp tube stimulated by a strong current, which is a bit like a flash lamp. Because the action area of the laser hair remover is small, the time required for hair removal is also relatively longer.



Different pain

The wide spectral characteristics of ipl meaning hair removal also lead to its energy not as strong as laser, which can focus on skin tissue at a specific depth. The wavelength of the laser is a specific single value, and the energy is relatively concentrated in the strong pulse light, resulting in the depth of penetrating the skin, which can make the energy action more focused. Therefore, the depilation effect will be faster in the same time period. At the same time, the action area of laser therapy for hair removal is small, and its energy density is greater with the same energy, so the pain will be stronger in comparison.



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