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Can the hair remover really remove hair permanently?

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With the development of the industry, more and more cheap ipl laser permanent hair removals have jumped out. However, as a precision instrument that directly touches the skin, the hair removal instrument puts safety first, and resolutely rejects the "three no products". Using the light absorption of hair follicles, pubic hair laser removal at home can selectively destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin tissues, thus losing the ability of hair regeneration. A good photon hair remover hardly affects normal skin, and even can be used as a tender skin when it is idle everyday (but it is not recommended to buy a hair remover specially for tender skin).



23-1-homelight laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal is real?


The principle of homelight laser hair removal is to use the selective thermal effect of light on biological tissues, and melanin in hair follicles and hair shafts selectively absorbs red light and some near infrared wavelengths in the spectrum, and then converts the energy of light into heat energy, and then the temperature rises sharply to destroy hair follicle tissues, thus achieving the purpose of hair removal.


Optical glowy skin laser hair removals all claim that "permanent hair removal" is not equal to really permanent hair removal, which means that no hair grows after taking off.


The American FDA defines the efficacy of light laser hair removal as "Permanent Hair Reduction", because optical technology can only inactivate some hair follicles, and the remaining hair follicles only enter the dormant period, so optical hair removal instrument can not achieve the effect of permanent ipl intense pulsed light hair removal, but will make your hair less and less.


Medical cosmetology says permanent hair removal can last only a few years. It can be said to be "long-lasting", "semi-permanent" and so on. Hair will only stop growing for a period of time. The specific length of maintenance depends on the wavelength and energy of the best affordable at home laser hair removal you use, as well as your skin color and hair condition. Continuous use can also last for a long time. Everyone is different, but it is enough for our hair removal needs.



23-2-homelight laser hair removal

Understand the hair removal cycle, and the hair removal effect is better


The whole process to use home use ipl hair removal is characterized by thinning, slowing down, softening, shedding, etc. It takes some time to completely inhibit hair growth and achieve smooth muscle.


Hair growth can be divided into growth period, retrogression period and rest period. During the retrogression period, the hair cells degenerated and the hair papilla shrank. At rest, the hair papilla is separated from the hair follicle, and the hair falls off. The sensitivity of hair to laser is relatively low in retrogression and rest period, which can't destroy the hair follicle, while hair has the most melanin and the highest sensitivity to light in growth period, which is the most suitable period to use most effective ipl hair removal.


Attention: use hair remover the next day after shaving, shaving will stimulate hair growth, and it is better to use ipl chin hair removal again the next day than to use immediately after shaving. Be careful not to pull out (destroy hair follicles), and be careful when shaving (leave wounds).

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