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Are you using an epilator?

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Many people feel particularly uncomfortable during the first hair removal. Because the skin will become uneven and red. Even with the best epilator for women, I still feel very nervous. Especially in areas with thicker hair such as epilator for bikini hair removal, slight erythema or redness, or even thrombosis, may appear in the epilator for intimate areas. Generally speaking, it will happen within a few hours or days. The premise is that you are ready for epilator hair removal.


77-3-best epilator for women

You ought to pay attention to some aspects when depilating: for example, you ought to trim your hair before depilation, exfoliate before bathing, bath in warm water, and then clean your skin with non-irritating shower gel, and then calm your skin with talcum powder, and wear loose clothes.


To make it easier for the epilator for body hair to remove hair, you first need to exfoliate before bathing gently. Or you can choose to exfoliate one day in advance. Because the dead skin cell layer needs to be removed before hair removal. And there are some contaminated bacteria and grease. Take a hot bath to reduce skin irritation. After depilation, the skin is exposed to the air and is susceptible to infection, so some preservatives are needed to clean the skin, such as tea tree oil and witch hazel. You need to gently rub some tea tree oil and witch hazel on your body, and then wait for more than half an hour before continuing to use the moisturizer. To prevent the skin from becoming sensitive, the best way is that you ought to use aloe vera gel or witch hazel. During this period, do not use skin care products, perfumes, etc., Otherwise, it will easily lead to ingrown hairs.


77-1-best epilator for women

Once your skin has histamine lumps, you need to use calamine and diphenhydramine to heal your skin quickly. Otherwise, it will easily lead to allergies. After three days of hair removal, try to choose loose cotton clothes. If you wear tight clothing, it can also cause ingrown hairs.


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