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Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?

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Laser hair removal is a commonly used method of hair removal. But there are still many people worried about its safety and side effects. So what are the side effects of laser hair removal permanent?



Is laser hair removal safe?

As long as you go to a regular medical institution for treatment, it is very safe. In the process of professional laser hair removal, the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs most of the heat, so the energy diffused to the surrounding skin is relatively low, and the skin surface will not be significantly different after the operation, and there is no need to stop work or ask for leave.



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What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

1. There will be a slight tingling sensation on the skin during laser hair removal. After the operation, there may be a mild burning sensation, mild erythema, or follicular papules on the local skin, which usually subsides within a few hours. After ice laser hair removal, a small number of people have brown thin crusts on the local skin, which will fall off naturally in about 1 week.

2. A very small number of patients will develop purpura, blisters, temporary hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, and most of them can recover within a few months.

3. It should be noted that because the pain may stimulate contractions, although the pain is not strong, it is still not recommended to perform handheld laser hair removal during pregnancy.

4. Scars caused by laser hair removal equipment are rare, but patients with a history of keloids should still be cautious.


Most of these side effects are mild, and the corresponding nursing measures can be quickly recovered after the operation.



Does laser hair removal affect perspiration?

Laser removal machine uses the principle of selective thermodynamics. Therefore, the selected wavelength is only aimed at the melanin in the skin, but not at the normal tissues of the skin. The hair follicle absorbs melanin, thereby shrinking and losing the ability to regenerate, and the process of hair removal is completed.


Human skin perspiration is mainly carried out through sweat glands. Like hair follicles, sweat glands belong to the accessory organs of the skin. Hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent tissues. Hair grows from the hair follicles, while sweat glands are beside the hair follicles. The same thing, the two do not affect each other. Hair laser treatment mainly targets the melanin in the hair follicles, but there is no melanin in the sweat glands, so it will not damage the sweat glands and will not affect the human body's perspiration.



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Will hair removal affect lymphatic drainage?

Of course not! Detoxification is related to your own endocrine system, and laser hair device only acts on hair follicles to coagulate and necrotize the hair follicles, thereby inhibiting the growth of armpit hair. This has nothing to do with other functions of the endocrine system and will not affect each other at all.


After clarifying these two issues, you know that the usual misunderstandings about electric hair removal device are totally groundless. Moreover, the unique advantages of laser hair removal are safer, more effective and longer lasting than hair removal creams and beeswax hair removal methods.

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