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Are IPL hair removal devices effective?

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IPL is called intense pulsed light, also known as colored light, compound light and strong light. It is a kind of wide-spectrum visible light with special wavelength, which has a soft photothermal effect. Best ipl hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal effect by destroying hair follicles with laser, which is fast, effective, safe and painless, and can shrink pores and moisturize skin.



21-1-best ipl hair removal

Hair removal principle


The intense pulse light of IPL photon crystal hair removal is color light with wavelength from 475-1200nm, and it combines various therapeutic effects. The depilation effect is more lasting than the traditional depilation method. While removing hair, the skin can get better relatively. IPL is the abbreviation of intense pulsed light. Photonic at home hair removal can penetrate epidermis, be absorbed by hair follicles in dermis, generate heat energy, and destroy hair follicles, so that permanent hair removal can be achieved by photon hair removal instrument. At the same time, it can make the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in dermis layer produce chemical changes of molecular structure, and promote the regeneration and rearrangement of skin collagen.


IPL photon light hair removal instrument technology is to restore the original elasticity of skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles and reduce pores at the same time of photon hair removal. Regular use of this hair remover can improve the skin quality, complexion and tighten the skin. It can also solve skin problems such as mild hair round angle and uneven skin color. One of the advantages of ipl permanent hair removal is that the spot is large, reaching 5 square centimeters, so the hair removal speed is very fast, with only slight pain.


IPL photon hair removal instrument can easily remove body hair. Compared with single wavelength rose laser hair removal, intense pulse photothermal hair removal uses specific multi-wavelength light waves for irradiation treatment. After intense photothermal pulse light irradiation, hair growth is delayed or even completely stopped in a short time, thus achieving permanent hair removal.



21-2-best ipl hair removal

Adapt to the crowd


1. This hair removal can be used for hirsutism caused by disorder of endocrine system caused by excessive androgen secretion.


2. Hirsutism caused by genetic or racial reasons.


3. Ipl hair removal near me is suitable for any skin color.


4. Recently, the skin has not been exposed to sunlight or tanned.


5. People over 18 years old who have no scar constitution can also use this ipl facial hair removal.



Compare with traditional hair remover


The effect of traditional hair removal instrument: it is fast, but it doesn't last long. It usually grows again in a week or two.


Side effects: Traditional laser removal at home will burn hair follicles with instantaneous high energy and damage sweat glands.


The effect of IPL best at home permanent hair removal: the hair follicle is destroyed by laser to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, which has the advantages of high speed, good effect, high safety, no side effect, no pain, shrinking pores and moistening skin.


Side effects: Slight redness will appear in the treatment site, which is a normal phenomenon, and can disappear within 12-24 hours.

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