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Anti Aging Skin —— Something You Have to Know

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The skin is the protective barrier located at the outermost layer of the human body, which endures all kinds of environmental pressures from physics, chemistry, microorganisms, radiation and so on for 24 hours. In particular, ultraviolet in the external environment has been inducing immune changes, inflammation, damage and collagen degeneration of skin epidermis and dermis since we were born. With the increase of ultraviolet exposure intensity, it will lead to the aging of human skin.


Nowadays, more and more women begin to pay attention to the topic of beauty. Female friends have to take into account their families while busy with their work. Women's appearance has been greatly tested. As a characteristic of age-related degenerative change, aging can not be avoided by every individual. What are the methods to prevent skin aging?


95-2. thermage home device


Thermomaggie is the first unipolar RF technology approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) to treat skin relaxation and wrinkles. Through heat conduction to the deep layer of the skin, thermage home device can shrink elastic fibers and stimulate collagen fiber regeneration, so as to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. Thermage rf skin tightening device is mainly used for people with mild to moderate wrinkles, and can be used for wrinkles in all parts of the body.



Beauty device

The function of radio wave professional skin tightening machine is to make the deep skin heat through radio wave irradiation, and promote the skin metabolism under the thermal effect. It can also promote the flow of blood, lift and tighten the skin, so as to make your skin better and anti-aging. The upgraded skin tightening machine for body adds vibration, and the export ability is upgraded. The eye mode is replaced by RF led mode, which can carry out led irradiation care. Therefore, the skin tightening led device is a good choice.


Rf skin machine can promote the contraction and tension of subcutaneous collagen, and take cooling measures on the skin surface. The dermis is heated, but the epidermis maintains normal temperature. This method can thicken the dermis and make the wrinkles lighter or disappear, but the stimulated collagen can tighten the skin and improve the skin orange peel phenomenon. The anti-aging effect is also great. In order to meet people's personalized needs, Mlay has successively launched mini rf skin beauty device and anti aging led skin tightening device.


The energy of radio frequency skin tightening home device is relatively small, and it can be easily operated at home. Moreover, it is light in shape, and it is not a problem to travel and carry. When you are busy, you can easily realize the freedom of anti-aging. Moreover, the price of rf facial machine for home use is not so expensive, and office workers can afford it.



95-1.Rf skin machine

Honey water

Skin aging may be caused by lack of nutrition. Drinking a cup of honey lemonade at this time can improve the skin. The previous symptoms such as large pores, dark yellow and rough can disappear from our face. In addition, when you eat more fruits and vegetables at ordinary times, you can also remove toxins from the body, and have some effect on skin aging resistance.

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