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All you want to know about RF skin tightening

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The magnetomotive professional rf skin tightening machine generates 40.68MHz radio frequency waves at a specific depth under the skin, which act on water molecules in collagen, causing bipolar water molecules to rotate and rub to generate heat and release radio frequency energy, directly acts on dermis layer through skin epidermis to achieve the effect of heating collagen. Collagen fibers in dermis shrink after heating, which makes loose skin and wrinkles taut, and at the same time makes collagen proliferate, rearrange and repair aging damaged collagen layer, thus achieving the effect of removing wrinkles and tightening skin.


RF best skin tightening machine heats dermal tissue layer, stimulates tissue regeneration and reconstruction by using human body's own repair function, and thickens dermal layer, which is a real wrinkle removal. RF skin tightening uses its own collagen to grow wrinkles. Its effect is lasting, and there are no side effects. After several years, when subcutaneous collagen decays, mini rf skin beauty device can also strengthen RF wrinkle treatment to maintain or keep youthful luster. It is a wrinkle removing method that is very worthy of recommendation.



35-1-professional rf skin tightening machine

Three Advantages of RF beauty:


1. Three-dimensional wrinkle removal and skin tightening


RF skin tightening machines have single and bipolar design, which can carry out three-dimensional wrinkle removal and skin tightening operation.


2. Deep operation


Radio frequency machine for body can act on the dermis. Collagen is located in dermal layer, and it can't achieve satisfactory results by using photon or laser with a certain penetration depth. Only by stimulating collagen at shallow, middle and deep levels, and making collagen fibers shrink and arrange tightly, can skin be firmer. At the same time, the regeneration of collagen can fill wrinkles and fundamentally contribute to the aging of facial skin.


3. Non-invasive and comfortable operation process


Compared with general laser wrinkle removal, the best radio frequency skin tightening therapy adopted by RF beauty instrument is more painless and safe in the treatment process. It feels like hot stone massage, and wrinkles can be easily removed in a comfortable state.


Compared with line carving and filling, the immediate effect of at home skin tightening devices will not be so obvious, that is, it will not see the effect in a short time. Radio frequency can solve the problem of skin relaxation, achieve a very good tightening effect, and the pain is much lighter.



35-2-professional rf skin tightening machine

Matters needing attention in RF beauty


1. Try not to engage in muscle activities after use to reduce swelling.


2. If muscle weakness and soreness are obvious after using the 5 in 1 skin tightening device, you can take the initiative to exercise under the guidance of a doctor, but once the muscle strength is restored, you should stop to prevent excessive exercise from causing muscle hypertrophy.


3. Rf device for skin is used for three months, with 13 grams of special tissue nutrient solution in the morning and evening. After 3 months to 6 months, the dosage can be adjusted according to the skin rehabilitation situation. Ordinary collagen does not contain repair factors, so it cannot achieve the repair effect, so it cannot lift and tighten the skin and reduce fine lines.


4. After using the skin tightening machine for body, please do not bathe in hot water(only water that does not exceed the body temperature).


5. Pay attention not to take a hot spring or sauna for a week.

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